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  • prices of generic medicine, Indian companis, 7 indian pharma companies named in u s lawsuit for inflating prices of generic medicine, Federal court

    7 Indian Pharma Companies Named in U.S. Lawsuit for Inflating Prices of Generic Medicine 2019-05-16 04:46:13

    The United States has named seven Indian pharmaceutical companies in an antitrust lawsuit filed by 44 states in the U.S., accusing them of colluding with the Israeli pharma company Teva Pharmaceuticals, which in turn, colluded with 19 other organizations to...

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    Indian American Diane Gujarati, trump, trump renominates indian american diane gujarati for federal judgeship, Federal court

    Trump Renominates Indian American Diane Gujarati for Federal Judgeship 2019-04-10 05:09:11

    President Donald Trump has re-nominated an Indian American prosecutor Diane Gujarati to be a federal judge. She was first nominated by President Barack Obama in 2016. Trump renominated her last year and both times the full Senate didn't act on...

    Keywords: diane gujarati confirmation, gujarati, diane gujarati, wikipedia southern district of new york

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    visa overstay, visa violation, u s judge stays rule to deport students over visa violation, Federal court

    U.S. Judge Stays Rule to Deport Students over Visa Violation 2019-05-07 09:44:12

    The United States federal judge has issued a stay order against President Donald Trump's administration's rule to make it easier to deport students for even innocent mistakes in following visa regulations and prevent them from returning for as long as...

    Keywords: US judge, H1B visa violation, visa violation, US judge

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    United States, in god we trust on US currency, atheist s plea to remove in god we trust from u s currency rejected by supreme court, Federal court

    Atheist's Plea to Remove 'In God We Trust' from U.S. Currency Rejected by Supreme Court 2019-06-12 12:24:37

    The United States Supreme Court has rejected an atheist's plea to remove 'In God We Trust', the national motto from all coins and currency from the Department of Treasury. Michael Newdow, the same activist attorney who tried to remove 'under...

    Keywords: in god we trust on US currency, Michael Newdow, in god we trust on US currency, in god we trust on US currency

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    fake irs calls indian, indian call center, u s issues warning against india based call center scam industry, Federal court

    U.S. Issues Warning Against India-Based Call Center Scam Industry 2019-04-20 07:13:59

    Since more and more Indians these days are getting involved in a call center scam, the United States government has issued a stern warning. Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski, while announcing the extradition of an Indian citizen from Singapore allegedly...

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    h1b visa uscis, h1b visa salary, h 1b visa holders to get barred from entering united states on changing job, Federal court

    H-1B Visa Holders to Get Barred from Entering United States on Changing Job 2019-04-29 05:41:02

    The United States government has issued a new stringent rule for H-1B holders seemingly giving a fresh obstacle for visa holders who moves to a new job in the nation. According to new rules, job-hopping could now lead to their...

    Keywords: h1b visa uscis, h1b visa news, h1b visa 2019, h1b visa process

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