Virtual Swayamvar - Each Friday - East & West Coast

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Virtual Swayamvar - Each Friday - East & West Coast

Virtual Swayamvar - Each Friday - East & West Coast
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Event Dates

Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

Event Time

6:30 AM

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Live Streaming

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About this Event

Virtual Swayamvar - Each Friday - East & West Coast

a) 9 pm EASTERN

b) 6 pm PACIFIC

Grab your slippers and cosy up and get ready. At this online meetup, we will all be on video and in smaller breakout groups, we will allow people to talk to each other more intimately. We will have fun conversation and interactive games.

*if you sign up and don't show up - you will be removed from the mailing list


You must be connected to audio and video.

You can use any device compatible with Zoom.

We will be in small groups and encourage them to have more intimate conversations, so space is limited.

Hit it off with someone? You’ll have the opportunity to exchange contact info during the event.

Joining late? We are giving you the flexibility to join 30 minutes late!


- one hour speed dating and networking

- includes one full group meeting and introductions

- includes rotating meetings in smaller groups

- includes requesting contact details from anyone you like

- includes sharing information - First Name, Age, City, Education, what are you looking for?

2) Then you can talk and chat with each other freely. Topic tonight will be


 If you’re excited, be sure to register 1 day before by 11 pm your time sign up for that night’s respective event. Then, just join the event.