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June 07, 2014 13:47
Tips to get rid of stretch marks},{Tips to get rid of stretch marks

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Most women dread stretch marks. Yet there are many women who suffer from this beauty woe. Stretch mark are mostly caused by sudden weight gain and lack of skin hydration. It's best to prevent stretch marks by adopting healthy lifestyle than to deal with the problem.

What is stretch marks?

A little understanding about stretch marks will help you keep this beauty woe away. Stretch marks are a type of skin scarring that has an off-color shade. It is caused due to rapid weight gain or rapid growth that stretches the skin. Initially they appear as reddish lines and they gradually fade to a lighter hue. If you ignore them they will fade away as years pass. But it takes a really long time and stretch marks  never go away completely.

Causes of stretch marks

According to beauty experts, hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy are the primary reasons for stretch marks. Your breasts, stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips and lower back are the areas that may be effected by stretch marks. Stretch marks can also be genetic. If mothers have stretch marks, then it's likely that her daughters will also get them.

How to prevent stretch marks

There are ample creams, lotions and oils in the beauty market promising to help you get rid of stretch marks. But know the truth that stretch marks will never fade away completely. So prevention is the best cure.

Drink lots of water and other healthy fluids to keep yourself hydrated

Try to avoid sudden weight gain as it stretches your skin causing stretch marks

Always keep your skin moisturized. Indulge in a good body moisturiser after a bath.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food that includes whole grains, protein and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Those who have stretch marks can go for cosmetic treatments that help to to lighten its appearance. Consult an expert and opt for laser treatments, dermabrasion or prescription retinoids.

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