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June 06, 2016 17:36
Bedtime rules for happy married life!

Do you check your bedtime routine? Bedtime routine is not only important for good sleep but also very important for a good relationship. It is not only about the sex, it is about how you handle your most private time together. The way you handle your partner during bedtime can show your relationship status even before you realize it.

Here are some bedtime rules, that will help you to keep your marriage life happy and healthy.

Go to bed together:
In today's time, we all have the hectic schedule. Many couples hit the bed at different times, one is too sleepy to wait while other wants to read a book or watch TV. To manage stress of your daily life you should follow the first and most important bedtime rule - going to bed at the same time as your partner. You may need to time your sleep in such a way so that you both go to bed together.

Forget electronics:
Researchers suggest that,  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are draining out all the excitement from our personal relationships. We are so busy with our electronic devices, we don't really realize that, we are missing out on an important aspect - the partner effect. You need to avoid all the unnecessary noise and feel his/her presence consciously.

Pillow talk:
Do you know? If you are able to reveal your private thoughts to your partner, it will work as a key point for your happy married life. Make yourself feel better connected to your partner instead of only reducing stress while talking about the happenings in the whole day.

Touch in all the right places:
Psychologists suggest that touching plays a pivotal role in adding passion to relationships. Find out creative ways to touch your partner and strengthen your bonding.

Good night kiss:
Don't forget to wish your partner a goodnight with a sweet kiss! It involves physical and emotional intimacy as well, that helps to reignite your relationship.

Try this to see how your  connection improve drastically.

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