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  • foreigners and indians, indian habits, 8 things foreigners find most annoying about indians abroad, Annoying

    8 Things Foreigners Find Most Annoying About Indians Abroad 2019-05-28 12:00:38

    Every culture, race, and ethnic group beyond the shadow of doubt has some quirks that vex outsiders. Since Indians are largely preferring foreign countries to settle down, here are some desi traits that probably foreigners find annoying or appalling. Parental...

    Keywords: what do foreigners think about indian culture, Things foreigners find annoying about Indians, indian habits, foreigners and indians

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    why do i see better with contacts than glasses, contact lenses vs glasses which provides better vision, 10 advantages of wearing contact lenses, Annoying

    10 Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses 2019-05-25 12:18:36

    There are currently in excess of 130 million contact lens wearers globally, but with more than 2 billion shortsighted people in the world to cater for now and a predicted 5 billion by the year 2050. Contact lenses can now...

    Keywords: should i get contacts quiz, should i get contacts quiz, bad effects of contact lenses, contact lenses vs glasses which provides better vision

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    how to maintain a long distance friendship with a girl, best friend, 8 simple ways to maintain a long distance relationship with your best friend, Annoying

    8 Simple Ways to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship with Your Best Friend 2019-06-11 13:12:26

    Surviving thousands of miles away from your best friend is an irksome feeling ever. Missing the shoulder to lean on when you are low or running to your best friend to share something that you just heard is terrible. Here...

    Keywords: long distance friendships don't work, long distance relationship with best friend, long distance friendship things to do, how to maintain a long distance friendship with a guy

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    practices, practices, 11 common yet surprising things to not do in the morning as soon as you wake up, Annoying

    11 Common Yet Surprising Things to Not do in the Morning As Soon As You Wake Up 2021-01-19 07:15:56

    We have seen morning routines in movies, TV shows, videos and we ourselves have our own morning routines which we follow on a daily basis. But some of the things we do in the morning which we think “refreshes” us...

    Keywords: Morning, lifestyle, wake up, Morning

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    Rhoda, Rhoda Rodriquez-Diaz, woman with rare sleep order misses annual exam after sleeping with 3 weeks straight, Annoying

    Woman With Rare Sleep Order Misses Annual Exam After Sleeping With 3 Weeks Straight 2019-03-26 09:45:26

    A 21-year-old university student from Leicester, United Kingdom revealed that she recently missed her annual exams after sleeping for 3 weeks straight. According to reports, Rhoda Rodriquez-Diaz is suffering from a rare disorder ‘Kleine Levin syndrome’ which causes a person...

    Keywords: kleine levin syndrome ppt, kleine levin syndrome reddit, Rhoda, kleine-levin syndrome and prader-willi syndrome

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    i miss india quotes, india or abroad life, things indians abroad miss the most about india, Annoying

    Things Indians Abroad Miss the Most About India 2019-04-17 08:53:34

    No matter how much we feel aversion towards certain things in India but the moment we take off from our homeland the love and nostalgic feeling towards India strengthens. Here are 10 common things Indians miss the most about India...

    Keywords: how indians behave in foreign, moving abroad from india, nri missing india quotes, Indians abroad

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