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  • screening at station, Railway Ministry, indian railways update passenger trains to start operating from tuesday, Covid 19 symptoms

    Indian Railways Update: Passenger Trains To Start Operating From Tuesday 2020-05-11 05:28:00

    With the stringent COVID-19 lockdown, trains were not operating. Now, the Indian Railways will start operating passenger trains from 12th May. The Railway Ministry said, they will begin with operating 15 trains. These special trains will move from New Delhi...

    Keywords: screening at station, screening at station, IRCTC, Passenger Trains

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    Avascular Necrosis in Mumbai, Avascular Necrosis cases, after black fungus new disease traced in mumbai, Covid 19 symptoms

    After Black Fungus, new disease traced in Mumbai 2021-07-05 05:49:00

    Most of the people who got contracted with coronavirus during the second wave have witnessed post-covid symptoms for months. Several cases of black fungus have been reported in India in the recent weeks. Now three cases of avascular necrosis or...

    Keywords: Avascular Necrosis latest, Avascular Necrosis coronavirus, Avascular Necrosis new cases, Avascular Necrosis coronavirus

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    Long Covid USA study, Long Covid, one fifth of the coronavirus patients had long covid symptoms, Covid 19 symptoms

    One-fifth of the coronavirus patients had long Covid symptoms 2021-06-16 06:09:04

    Everyone among the five coronavirus patients without any symptoms after testing positive for Covid-19 had an experience of having the complications for a month after the initial diagnosis. The results are revealed through analysis by non-profit FAIR Health encompassed insurance...

    Keywords: Long Covid news, Long Covid news, Long Covid study, Long Covid symptoms

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    COVID-19 recovered patients, COVID-19 recovered patients, covid 19 recovery 10 things you must do after getting discharged from hospital, Covid 19 symptoms

    COVID-19 Recovery: 10 Things you must do after getting Discharged from Hospital 2020-09-23 10:22:16

    Some of the patients recovered from COVID-19 infection are reporting oxygen saturation levels after the discharge from the hospital. The novel coronavirus is known to attack the endothelial cells that result in blood clotting. Research suggests that the patients recovered...

    Keywords: symptoms, symptoms, COVID-19 recovered patients, discharge from the hospital

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    Delhi CM, Kejriwal tests negative, delhi chief minister kejriwal tests negative for covid 19, Covid 19 symptoms

    Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal Tests Negative For COVID-19 2020-06-10 14:55:46

    Kejriwal was unwell from Sunday and he self isolated after seeing the COVID symptoms like throat pain and fever. He got tested on Tuesday where the report says he doesn't have coronavirus. Delhi CM Kejriwal was unwell a few days...

    Keywords: Kejriwal tests negative, Kejriwal tests negative, Delhi CM, Delhi CM

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    Coronavirus infection, Coronavirus infection, health ministry loss of smell taste are new early symptoms of covid 19, Covid 19 symptoms

    Health Ministry: Loss Of Smell, Taste Are New Early Symptoms Of COVID-19 2020-06-13 14:24:00

    The Union Health Ministry added two new symptoms to the COVID-19 list. Loss of smell and taste are the early symptoms that help detect coronavirus positive people. The list of COVID symptoms are familiar which includes fever, cough, shortness of...

    Keywords: COVID symptoms, COVID symptoms, COVID symptoms, COVID symptoms

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