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  • Covid-19, Covid-19, health ministry says n95 mask with valves are not safe handmade masks are safest, Dghs

    Health Ministry says N95 mask with valves are not safe, handmade masks are safest 2020-07-21 14:50:56

    The Health Ministry of India has issued warning against a particular N95 mask with a respiratory valve, saying that it does not prevent from Covid-19 and homemade fabric masks are much better. In a pandemic where everyone is fighting a...

    Keywords: Covid-19, face mask, Covid-19, valves

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    health, COVID-19, govt lifts ban on export of ventilators as the domestic production increases, Dghs

    Govt Lifts Ban on Export of Ventilators as the Domestic Production Increases 2020-08-05 06:31:35

    A ban was imposed on exports of ventilators in March 2020 to ensure domestic availability in the challenging times of COVID-19. The central government on Tuesday lifted the ban on exporting ventilators to other countries four months after it has...

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    Facemasks for Children news, Directorate general of health services, facemasks not recommended for children aged below 5 years, Dghs

    Facemasks not recommended for children aged below 5 years 2021-06-10 05:54:39

    There are a lot of assumptions, predictions about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some of the health experts advised that wearing facemasks is not recommended for children aged below five years of age. But some of them are using facemasks for...

    Keywords: Facemasks for Children, Facemasks for Children restrictions, Facemasks for Children breaking news, Coronavirus in India

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    IPV, polio in India, health minister launches india s first injectible inactivated polio vaccine, Dghs

    Health Minister launches India's first injectible inactivated polio vaccine 2015-12-02 06:11:48

    Health Minister J.P. Nadda has launched India's first injectible inactivated polio vaccine (IPV), as an effort to the commitment of the country to global polio eradication. According to the minister, IPV injection would be given free of cost to children...

    Keywords: IPV, polio in India, polio in India, injectible inactivated polio vaccine

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