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  • children cancer deaths India breaking news, children cancer deaths India news, india reports higher childhood cancer deaths, Diagnosis

    India Reports Higher Childhood Cancer Deaths 2022-10-04 13:36:49

    The number of cancer deaths in children in the country are quite alarming when compared to the developed countries of the globe like Canada and United Kingdom. The reason for the increased number of deaths are due to the delay...

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    Disordered Eating health tips, Disordered Eating findings, five signs of disordered eating, Diagnosis

    Five signs of Disordered Eating 2022-03-08 12:29:46

    A healthy eating diet will also keep the mental health balanced. Eating disorders are quite common and these are psychological, diagnosis and do not make them too late. Early identification of the signs and symptoms of the eating disorders can...

    Keywords: Disordered Eating health tips, Disordered Eating, Disordered Eating findings, Disordered Eating

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    Long Covid articles, Long Covid breaking news, one fifth of the coronavirus patients had long covid symptoms, Diagnosis

    One-fifth of the coronavirus patients had long Covid symptoms 2021-06-16 06:09:04

    Everyone among the five coronavirus patients without any symptoms after testing positive for Covid-19 had an experience of having the complications for a month after the initial diagnosis. The results are revealed through analysis by non-profit FAIR Health encompassed insurance...

    Keywords: Long Covid patients, Long Covid articles, Long Covid symptoms, Long Covid news

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    Real cancer cases, Real cancer cases, real cancer cases estimated to be 3 times higher than reported in india, Diagnosis

    Real Cancer Cases Estimated to be 3 Times Higher Than Reported in India 2022-10-13 14:36:02

    The number of cancer cases in the country have seen a huge rise in the recent times and months. The incidence level in the country due to real cancer is estimated to be three times higher than the reported incidence....

    Keywords: Cancer Rate in India breaking updates, Cancer Rate in India new updates, Cancer Rate in India news, Cancer Rate in India news

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    Black Fungus Vs White Fungus news, Black Fungus Vs White Fungus, why is black fungus more dangerous than white fungus, Diagnosis

    Why is Black Fungus more dangerous than White Fungus? 2021-05-22 07:40:26

    When the country is battling badly with coronavirus, the cases of black fungus and white fungus are witnessing a huge rise. Several states reported cases of white fungus and black fungus. The white fungus which is also known as Aspergillosis...

    Keywords: Black Fungus symptoms, Black Fungus symptoms, Black Fungus, Black Fungus Vs White Fungus news

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    Cognitive Decline latest, Cognitive Decline, emotionally unstable people at risk of cognitive decline, Diagnosis

    Emotionally Unstable People at Risk of Cognitive Decline 2022-04-13 10:42:23

    If you are a moody or emotionally unstable person, you are at a higher risk to cognitive decline in life and the risk is higher. The study and research has been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology....

    Keywords: Cognitive Decline symptoms, Cognitive Decline breaking news, Cognitive Decline threat, Cognitive Decline threat

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