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  • Rajah Vijay Kumar, Bengaluru, bengaluru based scientist gets accredited by fda for the anti cancer kit, Er breast cancer

    Bengaluru Based Scientist Gets Accredited By FDA For The Anti-Cancer Kit 2019-11-13 05:29:43

    Cancer is that one health condition that has been experiencing consistent research power to veil through better ways to combat it. But, with the complexities behind the condition, the number of treatment approaches is also quite limited. The US Food...

    Keywords: Cytotron, Cytotron, Cancer, Bengaluru

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    summer, vegetables, this summer eat your water these 10 ways, Er breast cancer

    This summer, “Eat” your water these 10 ways 2020-05-08 13:39:49

    Hot summer months can bring around the issues of quenching thirst and issues of dehydration. If you live in an extremely hot and dry area, it is likely that the summer heat will end up taking a toll on your...

    Keywords: water, fruits, water, summer

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    Arizona Current Events, Arizona Events, we walk together 2020 breast cancer awareness baps, Er breast cancer

    We Walk Together 2020 - Breast cancer Awareness BAPS 2020-02-12 07:17:47

    BAPS Charities We Walk Together 2020 in Phoenix, AZ seeks to increase awareness and education about breast cancer. We Walk Together 2020 supports Susan G. Komen’s comprehensive education portal About Breast Cancer at with Harvard Medical School faculty and...

    Keywords: Arizona Current Events, Arizona Current Events, Arizona Current Events, AZ Event

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    hair dyes, hair dyes, hair dyes increase the risk of cancer in women harvard study, Er breast cancer

    Hair Dyes increase the risk of cancer in women: Harvard Study 2020-09-07 12:30:09

    Using permanent hair dyes to cover grey hair or to color the hair in various shades has become a trend now. Women need to know the serious consequences of this habit.Permanent dyes for hair have many chemicals in them though...

    Keywords: hair dyes, cancer, permanent hair dye, cancer

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    hair loss in Chemotherapy, hair loss, new cancer treatment prevents hair loss from chemotherapy, Er breast cancer

    New Cancer Treatment Prevents Hair Loss from Chemotherapy 2019-09-13 13:10:56

    A group of researchers, including an Indian origin, has discovered a novel method, which shows how hair loss from chemotherapy can be prevented during cancer treatment in patients, perhaps one of the most psychologically distressing side effects of modern cancer...

    Keywords: Chemotherapy, hair loss from Chemotherapy, hair loss, cancer treatment

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    BAPS Charity, BAPS Charity, we walk together 2020 breast cancer awareness baps, Er breast cancer

    We Walk Together 2020 - Breast cancer Awareness BAPS 2020-03-12 13:22:46

    Breast cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the breast when the cells start to grow out of control. However, all the lumps that form in the breasts are not cancerous termed as malignant but most of them...

    Keywords: Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer, We Walk Together 2020

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