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  • Ukraine, Russia economy, world bank about the economic crisis of ukraine and russia, Essentials

    World Bank About the Economic Crisis of Ukraine and Russia 2022-04-11 08:18:22

    The World Bank revealed about the economies of Ukraine and Russia after the latter started invading Ukraine. The World Bank said that the economy of Ukraine collapsed by 45.1 percent this year and Russia collapsed by 11.2 percent in the...

    Keywords: Ukraine, Ukraine, World Bank news, World Bank about Ukraine

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    Sri Lanka latest news, Sri Lanka coronavirus pandemic, prices of cooking gas and basic commodities touch roof in sri lanka, Essentials

    Prices of Cooking Gas and Basic Commodities Touch Roof in Sri Lanka 2021-10-12 09:10:38

    The retail price of the cooking gas in Sri Lanka saw a huge rise and the price increased by 90 percent after the government of Sri Lanka announced that the price control for the essential commodities cannot be controlled by...

    Keywords: basic commodities Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka after pandemic, Sri Lanka breaking news, Sri Lanka prices

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    Coronavirus India total cases, Coronavirus India tally, post pandemic millions of indians starving with hunger, Essentials

    Post Pandemic, Millions of Indians Starving with Hunger 2021-07-14 07:32:41

    The second wave of coronavirus is quite devastating and it impacted more than the first one that took place last year. The second wave of Covid-19 struck in April and it reached the peaks in May. Crores of Indians are...

    Keywords: coronavirus India updates, Coronavirus India tally, Coronavirus India, coronavirus new cases

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    Gross Domestic Product, Indian states in financial crunch Narendra Modi, five indian states which are in a financial crunch, Essentials

    Five Indian States Which are in a Financial Crunch 2022-04-19 12:11:26

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting on April 4th with the Secretaries of the Indian government. The most discussed topic was about the poor health of the finances of several states of the country. Some of the officials...

    Keywords: Indian states in financial crunch Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh, Indian states in financial crunch report, Indian states in financial crunch

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    Russian missile in Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine War, russian missile destroys fuel storages in ukraine, Essentials

    Russian Missile Destroys Fuel Storages in Ukraine 2022-04-07 11:48:06

    The war between Russia and Ukraine intensified and the talks between the nations fetched no positive results. Russia is badly criticized by all the top nations of the globe but Vladimir Putin and his army continued to invade Ukraine. A...

    Keywords: Russian missile breaking news, Russian missile in Ukraine, Russian missile in Ukraine, Russian missile in Ukraine

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    Delta Plus Maharashtra concern, Delta Plus Maharashtra latest, maharashtra imposes strict rules amid delta plus variant concerns, Essentials

    Maharashtra imposes strict rules amid Delta Plus variant concerns 2021-06-25 12:26:06

    The second wave of coronavirus is slowing down and the country is now open for the public with minimum restrictions. The Centre is now worried about the new variant Delta Plus which is found in several states of the country....

    Keywords: Delta Plus Maharashtra concern, Delta Plus Maharashtra news, Delta Plus Maharashtra new updates, Delta Plus Maharashtra concern

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