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  • Huawei, ban, chinese companies huawei and zte corp are national security threats trump, Huawei

    Chinese Companies Huawei and ZTE Corp are National Security Threats: Trump 2020-07-15 11:09:24

    The US has confronted untrustworthy Chinese technology and has convinced many countries to refrain from using Huawei based equipment. President Donald Trump while addressing reporters said that he had convinced many countries to not use products from Huawei due to...

    Keywords: Trump, Huawei, Huawei, UK

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    permanent seat, permanent seat, covid 19 could act as a catalyst to bag india an unsc permanent seat, Huawei

    Covid-19 could act as a catalyst to bag India an UNSC permanent seat 2020-05-09 10:46:37

    With the pandemic and the constant status of the world at stake, it is likely that the world will soon realise the need to include India in the UNSC club and the Covid-19 is likely going to be the catalyst...

    Keywords: China, China, world politics, China

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    Houston, fire, fire at chinese consulate in houston after us orders its closure, Huawei

    Fire at Chinese Consulate in Houston after US Orders its Closure 2020-07-23 19:56:17

    Apparently due to burning of documents, fire was reported at Chinese consulate in Houston in its courtyard. This comes after the US ordered the closure of the consulate. Amid escalation in tension between China and the US, the United States...

    Keywords: fire, Houston, Houston, China

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    5G, Huawei, reliance jio develops its own 5g technology aims to share it globally, Huawei

    Reliance Jio develops its own 5G technology, aims to share it globally 2020-07-16 06:11:05

    Mukesh Ambani said Jio had developed its own 5G technology and plans to offer its technology to other telecom companies. In a move that comes as a pit against the likes of Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung, Reliance Jio becomes the...

    Keywords: Jio, China, Jio, Huawei

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    employees, America, us bans tik tok on government issued devices, Huawei

    US Bans Tik Tok on Government-Issued Devices 2020-07-24 17:34:21

    A US Senate panel has approved the ban on Tik Tok for federal employees who are using government issued devices. In what comes as another blow to Tik Tok, the US senate committee on Wednesday has passed a bill that...

    Keywords: America, America, America, employees

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    US, TikTok, trump administration might ban alibaba and other chinese firms, Huawei

    Trump administration might ban AliBaba and other Chinese firms 2020-08-18 23:26:10

    Recently, Trump has issued an executive order for ByteDance to divest its interests in TikTok’s operations in the US within 90 days. US President Donald Trump has indicated that his administration is planning to ban other chinese-owned companies including Alibaba...

    Keywords: Alibaba, TikTok, ban, ByteDance

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