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  • visas, H-1B visa, fewer h 1b visas denied in the first quarter of fy20, Immigrant visa

    Fewer H-1B Visas Denied in the First Quarter of FY20 2020-01-31 10:17:34

    The first quarter of the fiscal year has witnessed a total of of 18,607 H-1B non- immigrant visas being rejected by the United States citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).It has been found an improvement when compared to the first quarter...

    Keywords: fiscal year, Poorvi Chothani, visas, fiscal year

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    H1-B visa, trump, trump bans hiring of h1b visa holders for federal contracts, Immigrant visa

    Trump Bans Hiring of H1B Visa Holders for Federal Contracts 2020-08-05 13:44:18

    Trump signs an executive order to ensure that the federal government lives by a simple rule: Hiring Americans Only. United Nations President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive order which prohibits American employers from hiring non-Americans and also bans...

    Keywords: H1-B visa, trump, H1-B visa, trump

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    Pay for health care, Donald Trump, donald trump says no entry for immigrants who fail to pay for health care, Immigrant visa

    Donald Trump Says- No Entry For Immigrants Who Fail To Pay For Health Care 2019-10-05 08:53:52

    Donald Trump approved a new health care plan which will be effective from Nov 3. The plan is about- immigrants who cannot pay for health are not allowed to enter US.Under this new rule of president, the immigrants need to...

    Keywords: Donald Trump, Pay for health care, Donald Trump, Donald Trump

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    Bipartisan Bill, Bipartisan Bill, indian american congressman support bipartisan bill, Immigrant visa

    Indian American Congressman Support Bipartisan Bill 2022-06-20 09:26:37

    Ami Bera, the Indian American Democratic Congressman last week called for the passage of the America's Children Act which is called the Bipartisan Bill. This is to protect the documented dreamers who are dependent on non-immigrant visa holders when they...

    Keywords: Bipartisan Bill introduced, Bipartisan Bill, Bipartisan Bill introduced, Bipartisan Bill breaking news

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    Bipartisan Bill in USA Indians, Bipartisan Bill in USA bill, to end aging out of indian immigrations indian american congressman supports bipartisan bill, Immigrant visa

    To End Aging out of Indian Immigrations, Indian American Congressman Supports Bipartisan Bill 2022-06-14 09:30:34

    The Indian American Democratic Congressmen called for the passage of America's Children Act and bipartisan legislation. The move will protect the documented aspirants who are depending on long-term non-immigrant visa holders from aging out when they turn 21. Ami Bera,...

    Keywords: Bipartisan Bill in USA latest, Bipartisan Bill in USA new updates, Bipartisan Bill in USA to be passed, Bipartisan Bill in USA

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    h1b denials 2019, h1b transfer denial rate 2019, h 1b visa petition denials at all time high in first quarter 2019, Immigrant visa

    H-1B Visa Petition Denials at All-Time High in First Quarter 2019 2019-08-10 06:15:04

    The United States has turned down work visas to employees of India’s largest IT services exporters inordinately in the past year. According to data from the United States-based research foundation, the denial of work visas has risen to all-time high...

    Keywords: H1B visa, h1b denial rate 2019, h1b extension denial rate 2019, H1B visa denials

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