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  • study, researchers, study says eating bread and pasta can reduce death risk, Internal medicine

    Study says Eating Bread and Pasta can reduce death risk 2020-07-15 13:46:35

    Plant-based foods including bread and pasta are linked to lower the risk of dying according to a recent study. As per a study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, food researchers have conducted a study on 104 men and...

    Keywords: risk, heart, researchers, veggies

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    max hospital, max hospital, plasma therapy aids recovery in covid 19 patient in new delhi, Internal medicine

    Plasma Therapy aids recovery in Covid-19 patient in New Delhi 2020-04-21 07:04:37

    With the world trying to look for more possible treatments for covid-19, the Max Hospital in Saket has administered plasma therapy on a critical coronavirus patient and the same is showing positive result as the patient has been taken off...

    Keywords: max hospital, covid-19, india, covid-19

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    Healthcare services, Frontline workers, indian american physician died in new york due to covid 19, Internal medicine

    Indian-American Physician Died In New York Due To COVID-19 2020-05-22 10:11:54

    An Indian-American physician Sudheer Chauhan was caught by coronavirus. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was fighting for his life for the last two weeks and then died on May 19th said APPI’s media coordinator Ajay Gosh.Chauhan served the  Internal...

    Keywords: Frontline workers, Indian-American doctors, Frontline workers, Indian-American doctors

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    COIVD-19, symptoms, how to differentiate between common cold covid 19 in monsoon, Internal medicine

    How to Differentiate between Common Cold, COVID-19 in Monsoon 2020-09-08 11:21:53

    Poor weather conditions, sporadic rainfall, and heavy heat amid rains have resulted in an increase in viral infections. The fluctuating weather and intermittent rains have brought to fore the viral infections yet again and this time there is COVID-19 too....

    Keywords: COIVD-19, common cold, common cold, COIVD-19

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    Priya Khanna 43, COVID-19 Death, coronavirus kills two indian american doctors treating patients in the us, Internal medicine

    Coronavirus Kills Two Indian American Doctors Treating Patients In The US 2020-05-11 12:28:44

    Constantly striving to take care of patients suffering with COVID-19 killed two Indian American doctors in New Jersey. Satyender Dev Khanna was 78 years old and he worked as a surgeon. Across New Jersey, in many hospitals, he was the...

    Keywords: Priya Khanna 43, Governor Phil Murphy, Governor Phil Murphy, Priya Khanna 43

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    Third dose of Covid vaccine news, Third dose of Covid vaccine news, the third dose of covid vaccine can raise antibody levels, Internal medicine

    The third dose of Covid vaccine can raise Antibody Levels 2021-06-15 05:11:58

    A series of coronavirus strains attacked the globe and the people across the world are shattered by the pandemic. Though the vaccination for coronavirus is available, there is a lot of confusion if this can protect the upcoming strains that...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, Third dose of Covid vaccine breaking news, Third dose of Covid vaccine breaking news, Third dose of Covid vaccine research

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