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  • Rats Temple, Rats Temple, temple where rats are protected, Karni mata

    Temple where rats are protected 2015-03-26 12:53:33

    Inside this temple you will see around 20,000 rats scurrying between the feet of pilgrims, still they are not scared but are protected. Karni Mata temple is known for its devotion to the furry animals, which are often seen as...

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    Karni Mata's incarnation, Karni Mata's incarnation, 20 000 rats worshipped in indian temple, Karni mata

    20,000 rats worshipped in Indian temple 2014-02-25 11:44:43

    Almost 20,000 rats roam the premises of Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan. Locals in the area worship the roaming rodents believing them to be Hindu Goddess Karni Mata's incarnation. The furry creatures live a life of luxury at the temple...

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