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  • WhatsApp, messaging application, central government asks whatsapp to withdraw its privacy policies, Messaging application

    Central Government asks WhatsApp to withdraw its Privacy Policies 2021-01-20 05:39:36

    The Indian Government has asked WhatsApp to withdraw the new privacy policy changes on the messaging apps calling the new policies terms and conditions unacceptable and unfair. The ministry of Electronics and Information Technology wrote a strongly worded letter saying...

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    technology, India, indians spend 17 hours per week on social media highest in the world, Messaging application

    Indians Spend 17 Hours Per Week on Social Media, Highest in the World 2019-04-17 10:15:09

    India is overcoming every country in internet adoption trends and has secured a new record of spending the highest amount of time on social media in the world. As per McKinsey's latest report on Indian online trends, there are an...

    Keywords: social media users in india, internet users in India, technology, technology

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    facebook bug report, facebook hall of fame, manipuri civil engineer zonel sougaijam detects whatsapp bug enters facebook hall of fame, Messaging application

    Manipuri Civil Engineer Zonel Sougaijam Detects WhatsApp Bug, Enters Facebook 'Hall of Fame' 2019-06-12 07:20:04

    Facebook has honored an Indian man from Manipur for discovering a WhatsApp bug that violated the privacy of a user. The 22-year old Zonel Sougaijam, a civil engineer, said that the social media giant awarded USD 5000 to him for...

    Keywords: facebook bug report, fb bug, facebook hall of fame 2018, whatsapp

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    Technology, Android Users, android users using google messages to get end to end encryption, Messaging application

    Android Users Using Google Messages To Get End-to-End Encryption 2020-11-20 05:32:00

    Google is coming up with an upgradation that might turn out flexible for android users.On Thursday, Google declared that it would be rolling out end-to-end encryption for Android users. This would be encrypted in such a way that it would...

    Keywords: Android Users, End-toEnd Encryption, End-toEnd Encryption, Android Users

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    WhatsApp, messaging application, why are people leaving whatsapp here s why, Messaging application

    Why Are People Leaving WhatsApp? Here’s Why: 2021-01-19 04:26:47

    Ever since Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion USD in 2014, things have been different for the social media applications. The messaging service (WhatsApp) has declared to its two billion users about the new terms on WhatsApp sharing information with...

    Keywords: Facebook, privacy, privacy, WhatsApp

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    security breach on whatsapp, whatsapp spyware on android, whatsapp users urged to update app after major security breach carried out by hackers, Messaging application

    Whatsapp Users Urged to Update App After Major Security Breach Carried out by Hackers 2019-05-14 11:28:02

    The popular messaging application, WhatsApp is advising its users to upgrade the app and install the latest version of the app in their phones as it has been reportedly been hot by ‘targeted surveillance.’ WhatsApp has accepted that hackers managed...

    Keywords: whatsapp spyware on android, security breach on whatsapp, technology, whatsapp update

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