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  • islam and america, ussr, islamic terrorism on american soil, Phone booth

    Islamic terrorism on American Soil 2013-04-18 08:03:05

    The clash of USA and radical Islamic terrorist organizations have a long history  which can be traced back to the start of cold war. Even though US specially it's intelligence agency CIA is accused of funding and training radical Islamic...

    Keywords: terrorist bombing on american soil, terrorism in america, cia, terrorist bombing on american soil

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    woman astronaut, zero-gravity International Space Station, indian origin astronaut sunita williams lifts lid on space station s zero gravity loos, Phone booth

    Indian origin astronaut Sunita Williams lifts lid on space station's zero gravity loos... 2013-03-20 09:47:27

    Sunita Williams speaks out... Indian origin astronaut Sunita Williams, who holds the record for the longest single space flight by a woman for 195 days, has demonstrated how astronauts use toilets in the zero-gravity International Space Station in a newly...

    Keywords: space flight, US Navy, space flight, Americans

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    Deadpool 2 teaser, Deadpool, deadpool 2 teaser mocks superman and logan, Phone booth

    Deadpool 2 teaser mocks superman and Logan 2017-03-06 06:31:05

    Guess who is back? No, we are not talking about “Wolverine”, or “Superman”. But, our favorite irreverent, anti-hero is back. Ryan Reynolds surprised fans with a teaser of Deadpool 2. The actor shared a nearly 4 minute long teaser on...

    Keywords: Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 trailer, Logan, Deadpool 2 teaser mocks superman and Logan

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    home ministry, ready-to-call sim for Foreign tourists, foreign tourists to get pre loaded sim cards at airport, Phone booth

    Foreign tourists to get pre-loaded sim cards at airport! 2016-12-27 06:18:01

    The home ministry brings new gift to its foreign tourists on this holiday season. Now, the foreign tourists from 161 countries will be able to get a pre-loaded sim card at 12 major airports of the country. The scheme will...

    Keywords: home ministry, Pre-loaded sim cards, Foreign tourists, Pre-loaded sim cards

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    lee kuan yew biography, lee kuan yew education, indian man arrested in singapore for 2004 bomb hoax, Phone booth

    Indian Man Arrested in Singapore for 2004 Bomb Hoax 2019-01-23 13:42:19

    An Indian origin man has been jailed in Singapore for a bomb hoax in 2004 at Singapore’s first prime minister late Lee Kuan Yew’s house after consuming alcohol. The 61-year-old Ganesan Singaravel pleaded guilty to an offense under the Telecommunications...

    Keywords: lee kuan yew books, lee kuan yew contributions, Indians in Singapore, Indian in Singapore

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