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  • Coronavirus USA new record, Coronavirus USA facts, usa reports 1 million new cases of coronavirus, Spain

    USA Reports 1 Million New Cases of Coronavirus 2022-01-05 09:58:11

    After the coronavirus pandemic broke out, USA reported 1 million new cases in a single day which is the highest in the globe and is a world record. As per the reports from the Reuters, the cases doubled on Monday...

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    Omicron India, Omicron, omicron variant responsible for 73 percent of new cases, Spain

    Omicron Variant Responsible for 73 Percent of New Cases 2021-12-21 08:55:39

    The new variant of coronavirus named Omicron is making the entire globe sleepless. The variant is now present in most of the countries and is spreading at a faster pace. As per the reports, the variant is the reason for...

    Keywords: Omicron breaking updates, Omicron new cases, Omicron breaking updates, Omicron USA

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    Covishield third dose, Covishield breaking news, all about covishield s third dose and its ban with the european union, Spain

    All about Covishield's third dose and its ban with the European Union 2021-06-29 07:39:02

    Covieshield is the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine that is manufactured in India. Recently, the European Union rejected granting Green Pass which is like a vaccine passport for all those who are vaccinated with Covishield and are travelling to the European countries. The...

    Keywords: EU rejects Covishield, Covishield rejected by EU, Covishield vaccine, Covishield latest

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    European Union, Covishield EU banned, nine european countries approve covishield in green pass, Spain

    Nine European countries approve Covishield in Green Pass 2021-07-01 12:49:20

    In a shocking development, the European Union rejected the approval of the Indian vaccine Covishiled which left thousands of Indians who are traveling to the continent in trouble. The Indian government initiated talks with the European Union over the Green...

    Keywords: Covishield, Covishield EU problems, Covishield EU news, Covishield EU approved

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    Coronavirus India, coronavirus india breaking news, top officials warn of third wave in india, Spain

    Top Officials Warn Of Third Wave In India 2021-12-31 05:56:00

    The entire nation is celebrating Christmas and New Year on a high note despite several restrictions and the spread of Omicron variant. States like Maharashtra, New Delhi and Karnataka imposed restrictions but the celebration would continue. The Health experts warn...

    Keywords: Coronavirus cases, Coronavirus cases, coronavirus deaths, coronavirus india breaking news

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    John McAfee breaking news, John McAfee USA cases, mcafee founder john mcafee found dead in a spanish prison, Spain

    McAfee founder John McAfee found dead in a Spanish prison 2021-06-24 06:41:27

    John McAfee, the creator of McAfee Antivirus software has been found dead in a Spanish prison after his extradition process to the USA has been announced. The incident took place hours after the Spanish court approved his extradition to the...

    Keywords: John McAfee, John McAfee latest, John McAfee death, John McAfee new updates

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