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May 22, 2013 09:31
"Help Emergency Alert Rescue Terminal" acts rapidly!

Gujarat has experienced 2,577 rape cases at the same time six major cases of gang-rape in the past 10 years for which two people have been sentenced to death as well as 14 been awarded life imprisonment.

Now, as an act of resolution, a young woman in a state of extreme misfortune will at the present moment get instant police help in Gujarat since the Gujarat police have commenced a Help Emergency Alert Rescue Terminal (Heart), which would act as a helpline intending to provide spontaneous help to persistently disturbed women through any mobile phones as well as landline telephones during emergency hours.

High - end technology to dominate crime

Furthering with the noteworthy effort by the Gujarat police, a girl or woman who is suffering will just have to make a missed call to the toll-free number 1091 which would help the policemen in the control room to locate the exact place/ position of the caller at the same time the nearest police van will rapidly reach to rescue the victim.

The new technology deserves an expression of acknowledgment which would enable at least 10 contacts of the caller  to get  informed at the same time about the woman’s unfortunate state through SMS if she has registered her name with Heart. The Joint Commissioner of Police Sanjay Srivastav, explained that any woman can now quest of  police help by simply giving a missed call which would result having the police reach the trouble spot within10 minutes. While Ruzan Khambhata, who is behind this innovative defensive technology, as well whose company WizzoTech has evolved the unique automated system, mentioned that any girl who felt extremely misfortune need not even wait for somebody to pick up her phone nor she was required to speak with anybody.

www.police /heart.com>heart.com

Ruzan continued saying that after the pilot project in Ahmedabad, Heart would be introduced in other parts of Gujarat as well, in fact a website,www.police /heart.com>heart.com, has also been imposed for implementing higher degree in security for women. Subsequent to the police advice, excess number of young women as well as college girls in Gujarat were known to have started carrying stun guns, pepper sprays, chilli powder, flashlight shock generators at the same time ear-splitting screechers in their purses intending for self-defence.

Furthermore, Gujarati women have taken the suggestion of the Gujarat as well Maharashtra police seriously and have implemented ordering these effective security gadgets online as it is not easily available over the counter in the state while there was a provision in the law that a woman could attack the culprit in self-defence. A woman can raise an alarm, injure her attacker and then call for police help.

Another shocking reality lies here that the helplines of the police as well NGOs in Ahmedabad  are know to receive more than 200 calls in a month as the mournful fact of crimes against women are on an extreme height in Ahmedabad.

The high-end technology undoubtedly deserves an expression of acknowledgment which would enable any woman in a state of extreme misfortune to gain protection against the criminals/ social filth’s.

This would surely act as a powerful weapon to ruin these culprits while making the society a better place to stay.

Content source:Khaleej Times
Image source:DNA

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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