Pakistanis sing “Vande Mataram” alongside Indians during anti-China protests in LondonTop Stories

July 14, 2020 10:24
Pakistanis sing “Vande Mataram” alongside Indians during anti-China protests in London

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Pakistanis and Indians were seen protesting together in London on Saturday night outside Chinese embassy against China’s expansionist policies.

India Pakistan’s unity is a rare sight to watch. Though there are border tensions between the two countries, London land has seen the two countries come together for a protest against the Chinese.

Not just coming together but Pakistanis were seen joining hands with Indians while singing the National Song “Vande Mataram”. Slogans like “boycott China” and “down with China” were shouted by several Indian Diaspora groups protesting against China’s policies.

Notably, the Pakistanis and many from Iran were very upset with China meddling in their affairs. According to the Pakistani protestors, Chinese are causing damage to Pakistan through China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Pakistani government is supporting China in it which is making them upset.

The growing outrage on Chinese has become quite evident, even on the streets of London. On Saturday night, there were images all across social media with placards having slogans like “free Tibet, Free Hong Kong, and Free Uyghur’s”.

The US has sanctioned Chinese government after its connection to human rights abuse against Uyghur Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. The whole world has condemned China’s brutal crackdown against Hong Kong’s citizens. Recently, India has boycotted China’s products and apps after People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has intruded into the region and killed 20 Indian soldiers in a mishap in Ladakh’s Galwan valley. Lately, Japan and Australia have also joined with India and the US and are standing against China and its policies. The tensions for China are only increasing day by day and the recent protest at London is the proof of it.

The whole world is hoping China would learn its lesson or bear the brunt for its harsh policies on various countries. Earlier this month, Tik Tok has been banned by India and the US is also in its way to ban some of the China’s apps.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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