Chili Peppers Help Burn Away the FatDiet & Fitness

June 25, 2019 17:40
Chili Peppers Help Burn Away the Fat

Red chilies or green chilies that are meant to spice up our food benefits us in a lot more ways though it may seem strange. Many people refrain from chilies but little they know that it can also aid in weight loss.

Chilies, including red chili, green chili, cayenne pepper, and jalapenos, contain special ingredients that increase the metabolism of the body. A substance present in chili known as Capsaicin is believed to fight weight gain and obesity.

According to the National Health and Safety, chili contains capsaicin, the effect of which not only make chili hot and spicy, but also reduce the craving of sweet, salty and fatty foods.  

A study carried out by researchers from Purdue University showed a positive result for chili being effective in curbing hunger. A study conducted on 25 participants showed 1 gm of chili pepper consumed by 13 of them reduced craving when compared to other 12 who did not eat it. Capsaicin present in chili also has the ability to convert white fat into brown fat. The most commonly found fat in the body, which gets stored in a body is white fat, which is also used as a source of energy. On the contrary, the role of brown fat is to burn calories to generate heat for the body, therefore it burns calories instead of storing them.

How to Use Chili for Weight Loss?   

One can use chili in any form and add it to roast veggies, stir-fries, curries, salads and all manner of savory dishes. Chilies can also be used in dressings, sauces, and marinades and even as a dessert option, like dark chili chocolate or mousse. Chilies make you warmer, the more the body get warm, the lesser the appetite will be.

Chili aids in weight loss, however, it should not be consumed in excess. People who are having a high-blood pressure problem or have scheduled surgery should avoid eating chilies. Apart from this, one should follow a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a proper diet for overall weight loss.

By Sowmya Sangam

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