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September 11, 2015 13:58

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Parenting is definitely not an easy job. You need to be patient while dealing with your kinds and thoughtful while talking to them. Remember your behavior and words makes deeper impression and influence on your kids. As a parent it is your job to make them happy, secure and confident enough to face the world. Ensure that you do not say these to your kids at any cost.

You are bad

Feeding negative thoughts in your child’s brain will kills their self esteem. Children are innocent. Teach them to be good and do well. Explain to them that wrong or bad actions cause bad to them or some when else rather them stating them as bad. Teach them what is right and what is wrong. Positive comments like ‘you are the best’, ‘you are so sweet’ will boost their self esteem and they are likely to behave in a way that doesn’t let you down.


Rejecting their proposal straight away is a harsh act from you. Kids tend to lose faith and confidence in parent due to ‘No’s’ all the time. Instead of shouting no, suggest options to them or use soft words like please.

Don’t talk to me

You are the world to your child. Never reject your kid from talking to you. Do not ask them to leave you alone. The channel of communication between you and your child should never be banned. They hurt to an extent that they are not loved or not want. You may not want this to happen as a parent. Keep talking to your child till they buy your point. Try to convince them with your tone and expression till you arrive to a win-win situation.

Why are you not like your sister

Biggest fault as a parent is to compare your child with someone else. Never forget that each child is unique. Comparison brings out feelings like jealousy and hatred in your kids. If your kid is problematic, it is your fault. Any child learns from parents, elders and surroundings. They are the reflection of parents. So, ensure that you provide desired surroundings to your kids.

You cannot do this

This will shake of your kid’s confidence. Even if you know, your child can’t do something he wanted to do, give him a chance to do unless it harms him. Instead of saying you can’t to do this, tell him ‘Try to do. Or else I will help you.’ Kids learn through trial and error.


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