Tips to control HBP, Anxiety!Health & Wellness

May 18, 2015 18:26
Tips to control HBP, Anxiety!},{Tips to control HBP, Anxiety!

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The Majority of the diseases hit human beings on the basis of changes in lifestyle and food habits. Hypertension plays vital role in degrading the health of people, presently on-third of the world’s population is reportedly suffering from this problem.

More than the medication, meditation can control it and increases the life span. If a person’s hypertension measures between 140-159 for SBP and 90-99 for DBP, the fellow is said to be suffering from stage 1. If a person’s SBP is greater than 160 and DBP is greater than 100, that is said to be in stage 2.

If the symptoms are observed in pre-hypertension stage, changes in lifestyle towards balanced diet, required physical exercises and peaceful mind can bring normalcy in health. If they are not diagnosed in the beginning level, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, peripheral artery disease, chronic kidney disease and paralysis will tell the status of the health.

The following tips can work effectively in bringing down the Blood Pressure instantly,

• Stop thing, take a deep breath and relax yourself.

• Take a walk in a peaceful environment for a while.

• Most importantly turn off all the gadgets like, mobile phones, music system, television sets.

• After coming to normalcy, dial or call a person who can listen to you patiently.

• Practice yoga or pranayama for 10 minutes for immediate results.

• Hum a melody and just sing your favourite music.

• Recollect the happiest moments of your life.

• Relax yourself at least by saying, ‘I am calm, positive, at peace’ for ten times.


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