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June 22, 2019 16:07
Tips to Ignite Love in an Arranged Marriage

Today’s youth has a very wrong notion regarding arranged marriages. They tend to be in the line of thinking that arranged marriages lack love and adoration.

But, it need to be realized that arranged marriages can also be as loving as love marriages.

Since the relationship in arranged marriage moves forward from being absolute strangers to being life partners in a short span, it just needs more efforts from both partners.

Nonetheless, here are things one can do to kindle romance in an arranged marriage:

Develop a Friendship   

Let friendship gradually grow into a romantic relationship. You can hint that you would like to be friends first by sending chocolates or flowers. Also, fix out a certain time to have a conversation with your partner - be it on a phone or skype or e-mails or even handwritten letters.

Know Each Other’s Childhood Experiences   

Get to know each other’s childhood experiences and family so as to gel better. Discuss each other’s dreams and ambitions so that you can interpret what they actually want from life.

Trust Is Essential  

Trust is essential if you and your partner might be living in different cities and have different schedules. Asking forgiveness for self-perceived wrongdoings will help build trust.

Spend Quality Time Together  

Plan to meet each other. Observe details of your partner which you can’t experience on phone – perfume they wear or that brightness in the eyes.

Things to Do After Marriage  

Accept the Way Your Partner Is   

There will be things you don’t like about your partner. Don’t make an attempt to change each one of them and don’t make a fuss over every small issue.

Try to Do a Role-Reversal for a Day   

The role reversal for a day will indeed help you to know challenges your partner faces on a daily basis. Husband will be taking care of all tasks his partner does on a regular basis and the same applies for the wife. This task will help you gain respect towards each other’s work.

Share Duties with Each Other   

Don’t fall into the trap thoughts that society holds. Don’t be under the notion that only the wife will cook and husband will pay bills. Even the wife can help her partner to manage finances while husband can help in the household chores.

Break the Monotony  

Make yourself involved in a DIY activity instead of going out for the movie. Ascertain different interest areas and explore it together. Play a romantic version of scrabble rather sitting in front of television the whole day. This will help you to spend quality time together and will bring out a new fun side of your partner.

Be Ready to Give More Than You Get   

A relationship works like a bowknot. The greater you pull out the thread, the more the limb will bend. Be more like the limb of the bow for a thriving relationship.

By Sowmya Sangam

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