Laddu Babu Telugu Movie Review

Laddu Babu Telugu Movie Review

Laddu Babu Telugu Movie Review
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    Oct, 03 2022


Laddu Babu -review
  • Film : Laddu Babu
  • Producer : Rajendra Tripuraneni
  • Director : Ravi Babu
  • Star Cast : Allari Naresh, Bhoomika Chawla, Poorna...
  • Music Director : Chakri
Rating: 2/5

Allari Naresh Laddu Babu Movie Review and Rating

Laddu Babu is Allari Naresh third collaboration with innovative director Ravi Babu. Allari Naresh will be seen as fat guy who will be made fun by everybody. Poorna and Bhoomika paired the female protagonist roles.

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Laddu Babu [Allari Naresh] is a soft spoken and kind at heart guy. He has a greedy father Kishtayya [Kota Srinivas Rao] who wants to marry him off to some retard to lead his rest of the life in Goa. But Laddu Babu wants to love and marry a girl of his choice. Then he sees Maaya [Poorna] and falls for her, however Maaya moves close to Laddu Babu so as to make her would-be jealous.

Meanwhile Kishtayya gets fed up with Laddu Babu for rejecting matches and finally throws him out of the home. A kid named Murthy son of Madhuri [Bhoomika] gives shelter to Laddu Babu at his home. Will Laddu Babu win Maaya's love and why did the kid Murthy gave shelter to him forms the entire plot.

Analysis :


Ravi Babu known for making films with unique concepts, came up with another different subject. Yet the movie doesn't appeal as it lacks the soul. Screenplay of the film is the biggest drawback. First half is okay but second half killed the entire film. And Ravi Babu failed to execute emotional scenes, also the absence of comedy in Allari Naresh is a let down.

Performance :

Laddu-Babu -review

Allari Naresh did an fantastic job as Laddu Babu. Well, we have seen the make up photos, but his efforts should be credited and the way he carried himself in the film is amazing. Poorna sizzled a lot and showed a lot of glamor while Bhoomika did a decent job. The kid in the film is a surprise and shocked everyone with his performance.

Final Word:
Laddu Babu is not tasty as Tirupathi Laddu.


(AW: Vamshi)


Laddu Babu Telugu Movie Review


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