Thanu Nenu Movie Review

Thanu Nenu Movie Review

Thanu Nenu Movie Review
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    May, 19 2021


Thanu Nenu -review
  • Film : Thanu Nenu
  • Producer : Ram Mohan
  • Director : Ram Mohan
  • Star Cast : Santosh Sobhan, Avika Gor, Ravi Babu
  • Music Director : Sunny M.R
Rating: 2.75/5

Thanu Nenu Movie Review and Rating

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AVG: 2.75/5



Thanu Nenu -review
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Thanu Nenu is the story about Kiran (Santosh Shoban) who works for a corporate company based in Hyderabad. He has his own plans about life and he falls in love with Keethi (Avika Gor) who is quite traditional. She slowly gets attracted to Kiran and falls for him. Keerthi’s father (Ravi Babu) is always interested in sending his daughter abroad and earn huge money through her. In this process he selects an NRI who settles in USA for Keerthi to get married. The rest of the movie is how Kiran get rids of this NRI guy and wins his love towards Keethi. Watch Thanu Nenu on main screen to know about the rest.

Analysis :

 Thanu Nenu -review

The first half of Thanu Nenu has been decent all over. The director managed to bring out the fresh entertainment and emotions in the right quotients in the film. The songs have been decent enough and have been shot well. The entertainment and the love making scenes have been entertaining throughout and on the whole the complete first half has been well executed.

The second half of the movie takes a different turn as the movie witnesses a huge dig. The complete second half fails to impress the audience and it has not been taken minimum care. Some of the emotional episodes connect well but on the whole the complete second half is a huge downfall for the film.

Performance :

Thanu Nenu -review

Santosh Shoban makes an impressive debut and he has quite energetic on screen. His performance has been matured enough and the way he said the dialogues look like he is going to make it big on screen. Avika Gor has been decent with her traditional attire as earlier and she has delivered out her best. Ravi Babu has been short and entertaining with his assignment. All the other actors have come out with their best performances for Thanu Nenu.

The story of Thanu Nenu is quite simple and sweet. But what makes the difference is the screenplay during the second half. The screenplay has not been taken enough care during the second half. The dialogues have been ok and the music along with the background score has been decent. The cinematography and the production values are the major highlights of the movie. The director failed to concentrate much on the second half which kills the complete film.

Final Word:
Thanu Nenu has a decent first half after which the spoiled second half makes huge difference. Thanu Nenu ends up as a disappointment.

(AW: Siva Kumar)


Thanu Nenu Movie Review


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