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July 24, 2021 15:02
Real Reasons Why Covid Cases Are Rising Among the Vaccinated People

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In a shocking revelation, UK's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance announced that 40 percent of the people who are admitted in hospitals in recent times have received both doses of coronavirus vaccination. This created tremors all over and there are debates that triggered in about the efficacy of the Covid vaccinations that are produced across the globe. There are a lot of factors to check why the vaccinated people are getting contracted with coronavirus. The vaccinations are not 100 percent effective and there are chances of people to get tested again with coronavirus. Every year, there are lakhs of people in the USA taking the vaccination shot for flu. But thousands of people get hospitalized and there are hundreds of deaths reported every year. The condition is the same in the UK for now. Everyone has to compare the curves from winter to summer.

As the number of new cases is rising, the cases of hospitalization and deaths too are rising in the countries. In the United Kingdom, 88 percent of the adults took one dose of coronavirus vaccination shot and 69 percent of them took both shots of covid vaccine. The major logic is that it takes 3 weeks time for the antibodies to be produced after completing both the vaccination shots. Some of them who took the dose may have been infected as their bodies are yet to produce the antibodies. For now, the vaccine rollout is going well and the reported deaths are quite low because of the vaccination drive.

The vaccine rollout in the UK systematically targeted the people who are at a higher risk from coronavirus. All the older people and those with bad health conditions are vaccinated first. All those who are vaccinated will have a lower risk of getting contracted to coronavirus but there is a chance of getting tested with Covid. There are cases in which some of the people who completed both doses of vaccination are at greater risk from coronavirus. The health experts also said that the Delta variant is dominating the UK. Two doses of vaccine offer 79 percent protection against coronavirus and 96 percent protection against being hospitalized.

The final conclusions say that the vaccines are effective but there are chances to get contracted with coronavirus even after taking both the shots. The coronavirus is here to stay and people should be extra cautious as there are a lot of new variants emerging.

By Siva Kumar

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