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July 09, 2019 17:24
6 Healthy Tips for Vegan Beginners

Though the idea of going vegan seems as easy as ABC and great in theory, it not in every way easy.

A vegan diet can be hard to start because you don’t eat what you generally eat, but the bigger challenge is always to stick to the diet. In addition, breaking up with some of your favourite foods can leave you feeling deprived and not so keen on persisting.

No worries! To help you out, we got you some distinct directions to go vegan with ease.

1. Don’t Hurry up

Maybe you can quit red meat first, and then go cold turkey with fish and poultry after a week or two. Maybe you go dairy-free three days a week and allow yourself to your current diet, the rest of the days in a week. Do not go on a guilt trip if you eat a piece of cheese at a party, just do your best as you acclimate to the diet.

2. Replace Your Favorite Food Item with Plant-Based Substitute

If you want to sustain the vegan diet, it is important that you do not feel deprived. So if you absolutely cannot do without your yogurt for breakfast, try a non-dairy breakfast option. Or if you cannot imagine life without some meaty goodness, go for vegan meat alternatives. Or if you are a cheese-lover at heart, there are tons of vegan-cheese options that will hit the spot. Whatever you choose, always go for options with the fewest processed ingredients.

3. Invest in Some Quality Marinades

Put some time in whipping up marinades and season your tofu like you would a piece of chicken. You can pretty much pick whatsoever you want according to your taste and get that same savory effect.

4. Stay Away from Vegan Junk Foods

If the vegan diet is leaving you low with energy, consider avoiding junk foods. When you are starting a new diet, you want to make sure that you are consuming as many whole foods as possible such as legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. A vegan diet leaves you with a lot of energy provided you are fueling yourself right. Your body takes less time to digest plant-based foods so you might experience a sudden energy surge.

5. Bookmark Vegan Diet Recipes

The biggest challenge when you switch to a vegan diet is to come up with inventive meals to eat. So bookmark some go-to vegan recipes on your computer or save them on your Instagram or wherever you are comfortable to do. This way, you will always have some recipes on your hand when you simply do not know what to cook or are pressed for time.

6. Incorporate New Ingredients to Recipes

A great way to keep your vegan diet appealing is by incorporating new vegan-friendly ingredients in your diet that you have never tried before like nut butter and nutritional yeast. Consider your new vegan diet as an opportunity to experiment a bit more.

By Sowmya Sangam

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