Weight loss might get easier with Intermittent fastingDiet & Fitness

December 27, 2019 16:26
Weight loss might get easier with Intermittent fasting

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Intermittent fasting diet helps in speeding up weight loss says studies. In the intermittent fasting diet, all your day’s food must be consumed in a restricted time and the remaining hours should be spent fasting. There exists two popular kinds of intermittent fasting where in the time of food intake is restricted and it narrows the eating times to 6-8 hours per day and is hence called as 5:2 intermittent fasting. In this type of fasting, the food intake is limited to one moderate-sized meal for two days every week.

Based on the article that has been published in The new England Journal of Medicine by Johns Hopkins Medicine neuroscientist Mark Mattson said that, for the improvement in the blood sugar regulation, diet plays a very important role. It helps in suppressing inflammation may help in increasing the resistance to stress.

He said that,it has been revealed that intermittent fasting also helps in decreasing blood pressure, blood lipid levels and resting heart rates in both animals and human beings.

The cellular health can be supported by consuming food in a restricted time window which can probably be explained as an age-old adaption to periods of scarcity of food which is called as metabolic switching. This occurs when the storage of rapidly accessible, sugar-based fuel is being used by the cells which starts converting fats into energy in a slower metabolic process.

"Evidence is also mounting that intermittent fasting can modify risk factors associated with obesity and diabetes," Mattson said.

"We are at a transition point where we could soon consider adding information about intermittent fasting to medical school curricula alongside standard advice about healthy diets and exercise," he added.

People should learn more about the fast with guidance which makes many people incorporate intermittent fasting as their diet

"Patients should be advised that feeling hungry and irritable is common initially and usually passes after two weeks to a month as the body and brain become accustomed to the new habit," said Mattson.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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