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January 11, 2021 17:54
The 8 Biggest Trends Predicted To Come in India 2021

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The pandemic has been a catalyst for change all over the globe. India has went and is going through numerous changes and developments. In fact, the pandemic might actually bring about India showcasing its power as a developing country. Taking into account the changes made in 2020, there are further developments which will take place in 2021. We are here to break down the possible 8 biggest trends to take place in India in 2021. Here are the 8 country changing trends which might possibly happen in 2021:

1. The end of Television

With the development of the internet and streaming channels, there is a chance that Television is likely to become extinct. Streaming channels provide you the luxury of no advertisements, watching whatever you want whenever you want and downloading and re-watching your favourite TV shows and movies and even documentaries. Sometimes if you want to watch clips, there is YouTube where you can even like and dislike anything. In the case of news, everything streams online. News websites have videos streaming with live news and streaming apps such as Hotstar stream sporting events in HD. With the rise of these applications, this year might be the end of Television set up boxes and channels.

2. A surge in the economy

Because of the pandemic, there has been a deflation in the economy status that caused a downward spiral for multiple businesses. However, businesses are now prepared with emergencies. This proves that in 2021, businesses will take better decisions and make their companies stronger to withhold any situation that occurs in the future and will be thoroughly prepared.

3. More country’s will progress

As we as humans become more advanced and developed, countries will tend to become more developed as well. More countries will set up tech giants and come up with start ups that can possibly revolutionize the future of industry’s in the world.

4. Acceptance

Speaking of humans progressing, we as a community will grow to accept people for their choices and preferences. There will be low or no disrespect towards certain communities, groups, genders, sexuality, preferences and choices. We will progress further towards understanding one another. Even movies, songs and social media will speak more about relevant issues and normalize living in harmony.

5. The digital revolution

This is pretty self explanatory- everything will be online. Especially after the pandemic where most of the businesses and social interaction switched to taking place online, even after the pandemic, most of the people will be engrossed or switch to working or being on the internet. Hence, this year will be the beginning of the digital revolution.

6. If you want to buy a house-buy it now

The housing business has boomed drastically since 2020. The reason for this is people’s demand for more comfortable housing and safer needs triggered by the pandemic. The housing prices have also dropped and there are more incentives now which allow you to buy good houses for good prices. If you want to buy a house, this is the year to do it.

7. Work from home - Hybrid working

The pandemic has forced employees to work from home. However, the system has become so convenient that working from home might actually be a new trend offices take up . Working on the internet saves time, energy and money and is also more convenient. Although it has its own cons, it is seen as a reliable option.

8. India is the new China

This statement might sound confusing but it is not what it seems like. India is set to become the next manufacturing unit base for countries following the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries including the United States will be switching their manufacturing units to India. In 2021, we can possibly see the made in China switched to Made in India and we are stoked.

By Meena Atmakuri

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