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July 14, 2014 17:09
Tips to treat hair fall},{Tips to treat hair fall

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Most people are concerned about hair fall. The mere sight of a few strands of hair on the pillow in the morning or in the bathroom drain make us stressed. Relax. Dermatologist say that it's normal to lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. It's part of the hair growth cycle. They have a life span and when it ends the hair falls off.

However, if you lose much more than 100 strands of hair in a day then it's a cause for concern. The major causes of hair fall, identified by hair experts, include - stress, unhealthy diet, hormonal changes, season change, iron deficiency, prolonged treatment for illnesses, and pregnancy. Here are some tips to prevent hair fall.

Eat right

Stay away from crash diets. Your body and hair needs nutrition. How will it get nourished if you are on a crash diet. The hair strands are made up of protein. So to contain hair fall you need to step up your intake of protein. Include meat, fish, eggs, pulses, vegetables and fruits in your meals. Besides you need to drink lots of water and get adequate sleep.

Relax and de-stress yourself

Stress is harmful to your body and causes hair fall. Besides it even slows down hair growth. Stress causes your body to release more free radicals that may cause hair falls in some cases. Breathing exercises or any other relaxing activity like listening to soothing music will help you to de-stress..

Head massage

Massage your scalp with oil to improve blood circulation. This will keep the hair follicles healthy and prevent premature hair fall. Make use of hair serum, which forms a thin protective layer on hair strands, to keep your hair moisturised during harsh summer months.

Treat your hair with care

Your hair needs to be treated gently. Avoid treating your hair with harsh chemicals too often. Chemical treatments like like hair straightening, perming and colouring leads to hair fall. Also reduce the use of styling products, blow-dryers and tongs. These affect the scalp, making it dry and flaky.

Hair care products

Choose your hair care product with care. And once you opt for a particular shampoo and conditioner, stick to it for at least six months. Help your hair to adjust to seasonal changes by providing protection from the harsh sun, pollution, rain and dust. Lack of protection will leave your hair dry and brittle or limp. During the rainy season, apply leave-in conditioner to give protection from humidity. Also keep your scalp healthy by oiling and washing your hair regularly.

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