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August 28, 2019 17:05
Fashion Guide for Men: 7 Things Men Wear That Women Hate

Most of the men think that they are brilliant at maintaining fashion statement. But, in reality, their fashion sense at times fall flat due to their least familiarity towards the rag trade.

That skinny shorts or striped socks you think that are rad enough, the girls aren’t thinking the same!

Before you make any fashion blunder, we give you a closer look at men’s wearables that most of the women hate:  

1. Running shoes and hiking boots are not casual wear. As per girl’s way of thinking, wearing running shoes or hiking boots with jeans is an out-and-out fashion disaster. Instead, you can go with sneakers if you want to rock your look. Keep in mind that running shoes are only meant for running and hiking boots are only meant for hiking. They are surely not a substitute for casual shoes.

2. Big buckle belts might seem trendsetting to you but for women it is awful. Unless you are a cowboy keep those big buckle belts at arm’s length. Though you are inattentive when it comes to choosing the right belt it holds a lot of significance. Make sure your belt is matching with your formal pant and belt, shoes must be the same in color. Moreover, belt material should match the shoe material.

                       (Image source from:  Guest of a Guest)

3. Though cargo pants are super casual and comfy, some men make fashion disaster wearing it with shirts, suit jackets, blazers. Remember that cargo pants should only be put on with sweaters, t-shirts, leather jacket and sneakers or boots. Also, a big no to using you cargo pant or shorts pockets as it may look all fingers and thumbs.

4. Sweatpants are not meant to be a substitute for jeans. Though you may love it, wearing them to your workplace or a date with your partner is an utter fashion mistake you can ever do.

                       (Image source from: Short Hair Girl)

5. Putting on bracelets might be a swag statement for you but adorning your hand with a countless wearables on hand is a big NO! According to women, Viking bracelet, puka shells or leather bracelet with shark tooth are a total turn-off.

                        (Image source from:

6. When choosing socks better be extra careful because women hate men who wear white socks with a casual outfit or shoes. Note that white socks are only meant for sports and not casually. And, wearing socks with sandals irk women.

7. Wearing a silver necklace won’t make you Salman Khan. According to women wearing a silver necklace around your neck doesn’t make you a gangsta but surely make you look clumsy. So, this is just a BIG NO!

                       (Image source from: Shilpa Ahuja)

So men, the next time you go to meet your crush bear these facts in your mind and rock your fashion statement!

By Sowmya Sangam

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