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April 23, 2016 18:02
How much water is good?

Drink loads of water. This is a common advice heard many times. Yes, water therapy is good to regulate body temperature this summer! However, experts suggest that it is important to keep a watch on water intake. It is natural to drink water when thirsty, but it is not good to keep hydrating even if your body does not need. Drinking too much water disturbs fluid balance in the body. Body gets damaged in many more ways because of over hydration.

Just Sip!!
Carving for water during sweltering dry or humid weather might just be a feeling and the body might be well hydrated. According to Nutritionist Rashmi Somani, "Dryness in the throat during summer is common. One feels thirsty all the time. This might lead to over hydration. To avoid this, one must adopt a mantra. Sip, don't gulp. Whenever you feel thirsty, just take a sip; don't gulp water. This will keep thirst at bay and will definitely prevent over hydration."

Kidneys and heart at risk!
Somani says, "You put your body through extensive pressure when you drink too much of water. Your kidneys have to work extra in this situation. It can lead to damaging their functioning. Usually, drinking appropriate amounts of water helps the kidneys function smoothly, however, over hydration might have a reverse, adverse effect." Over hydration causes imbalance to heart. Total blood volume rises, putting added stress on the blood vessels and heart.

Fatigue and loss of essential minerals
Over hydration means excess urination that makes you lose essential minerals. Even low sodium levels can be fatal as well. High amount of body fluids put strain on the circulatory system resulting in nausea, headache and acute muscle pain at times. Somani concludes, "Your need for water depends on gender, age, height, weight, exercise schedule, daily activity and long-term or short-term illnesses among other factors. This varies for everyone. Therefore, one must also not try to imitate the water drinking habits of others."


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