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March 14, 2016 15:52
Signs of a Healthy & Happy relationship

What is a good relationship? It depends on what you’re looking for, but relationships are tricky. You always need to be sure that, your relationship is heading in the right direction. Keep reading! if you want a loving, long-lasting and overall toe-tingling relationship. Here are some signs of a healthy and happy relationship.

You Speak Your Mind:
In a good relationship couples can express themselves freely and honestly. There is no topic is off-limits, and you both feel heard. If you can discuss anything and everything without resorting to false commitments and half truths, then you are on the right track. Consistent communication play a vital role to building a lasting life together.

You Have Your Own Space:
In any relationship, there is a thin line between protectiveness and possessiveness. Just because you are in relationship, does not mean you have to spend all the moments together. You should give time to your partner to pursue your own interests. In a good relationship, you do not have to worry about losing your own identity.

You Fight:
Healthy and fair arguments are the sign of a good relationship. Disagreements are normal, so, if you are happy that your partner never fights with you, then chances are you are holding back. So, the next time you fight, do not worry, it is healthy for your relationship.

You Make Decisions Jointly:
For a healthy relationship, it is important to make decisions together and listen to each other’s concerns and desires. You should respect each other’s feelings and thoughts from what movie to see to how many children to have.

You Trust Each Other:
Trust is the base of every relationship. Happy and healthy relationships are built on trust and a commitment to communication without reservations or secrets.

You share future goals:
You both should share your future goals to each other. If you are having trouble deciding on future goals together, you need to sit down and have a good talk.

You are attracted to your partner:
There should be attraction, not just physically but also spiritually. Physical attraction is important in life but ensure that he/she is the kind of person you see yourself spending forever with, someone whom you can talk and connect with.

You Say The Magic Words:
“I love you”, “I’m sorry” and “Thank you.”


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