5 reasons why men cheatRelationship

August 20, 2014 15:27
5 reasons why men cheat},{5 reasons why men cheat

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Men and infidelity are not aliens. The number of men cheating in a marriage is much more than their wives. Men cheat in a marriage for a variety of reason. Some men faultily think they are smarter and their wives will never catch them. While others cheat as they feel neglected and want to spite her.

Relationship studies have revealed that the main reason for infidelity amongst men are due to the following reasons.

Disturbed marriage

Most men start cheating their wives when they have too many fights at home. Unresolved issues when they continue for a long time cause men to look elsewhere for emotional and physical solace. They go to another person seeking comfort for their problems in life, instead of solving the core issue in the marriage.

Looking for thrill

Extra-marital affair is considered to be a thrilling option that can be experienced outside the marriage. Such men do not want to work hard to recharge their relationship with their spouses. Another woman is seen as a readymade option to infuse romance into their life.

Men with cheating wives

Sometimes men go out and have an extra-marital affair to spite their spouse. Such a case is preceded by the wife confessing of her extra-marital relationship. So the husband goes out and does the same. Men who do not want to forgive their wives usually resort to this behaviour.

Sexual experiment

Majority of the men are satisfied to live with a single women for their entire life. But cheating men want to experiment sex with various women. Such men will have extra-marital affair with different women at different point of their life.

Seeking emotional satisfaction

Men with emotional problems also have an extra-marital affair. If a man finds his wife too busy with the children and other domestic chores, he may feel ignored. Such men seek emotional comfort from another woman by having an extra-marital affair.

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