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Let your love life blossom... July 11, 2013 13:25

One of the very important phase that can make or mess up your life is your 'love' life... of course, all those fairy tale love stories are not possible in real life... but, being in…

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5 Ways Sex Leads to Better Overall Health July 11, 2013 13:21

Do you really need an excuse to have more sex? Just in case you do, here's a legitimate one for you: An active sex life could lead to better overall health. Since Healthy Women, a…

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10 sex moves all women crave July 11, 2013 13:21

More than 1,000 women took our poll and confessed the top things they wish guys would do in bed. Behold, the 10 most popular, ranked in order. We included tips on exactly how to pull…

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Open attitude helps find love July 11, 2013 13:21

It simply means that, when love does find you, the mind should be open enough to accept it. A person closed to the idea of love will not recognize it even if it stands right…

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Ten Best Things A Man Wants In A Woman July 11, 2013 13:21

When men talk candidly about women, they sound… well, they sound a little like us. Sex may have laid a hefty claim on the male brain, but it doesn’t seem to be relevant when it…

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5 Ways Yoga Improves Your Sex Life July 11, 2013 13:21

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009 showed that women who were unhappy with their sex lives reported improvements in their levels of arousal and desire, as well as better orgasms,…

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