Oops Addicted to Love!!Love And Sex

August 24, 2016 12:29
Oops Addicted to Love!!

We, the youths of so called modern generation are addicts of games, gadgets, goodies. But what we generally miss out to notice is relationship addiction which keeps us hooked.

Love As a Bad Medicine
Relationship addiction is on a high, pun unintended. The guiding principles of relationship addiction are the same as any other addiction. Love addicts have the chronic and compulsive tendency towards romantic love, to get a sense of security and self-worth. They often flit from relationship to relationship , or stay in an emotionally and sometimes physically abusive relationship as they feel a need for this.

Not being in a relationship makes them feel restless. According to Psychologist Dr Rachna K Singh, "The practice of rebounds is going up. There's no mourning period or a cool down before jumping into a new alliance." Relationship counsellor Dr Geetanjali Sharma says, "The reason they jump ship when one relationship sinks is because there's a need to prove to themselves that there's nothing wrong with them - they can find partners easily."

Addict Vs Experimenter
But it is no way true that everyone who's experimenting with love is an addict to relationship. There are many people who don't get hit by the emotional burden of multiple relationships. People with less self-esteem, distressed family history of abuse or neglect, coming from chaotic home cultures, or with devastating stressful experiences in a serious relationship are more likely to get caught in this love spiral.

So every time they get into a new relationship, they think that "This one will work." Or, in case they get back with the same abusive partner, they console themselves with "This time will be different." According to Marriage counsellor Dr Nisha Khanna , love addicts generally have a low emotional quotient (EQ). "Psychologically, we talk a lot about depression, conversations on EQ need to start," but what's needed is "a look within".

We should talk to ourselves, whether we are desirous to be into a responsible relationship or just using “Love” as an excuse to escape from one to another.

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By Prakriti Neogi

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