6 Important Tips For More Spicier Morning SexLove And Sex

August 08, 2017 18:53
6 Important Tips For More Spicier Morning Sex

Mornings have been considered as one of the best times to have sex. You can have a pleasant time with your partner in the mornings on the bed or you can also get naughty with your partner under shower as well.

We have provided some of the important tips which you can consider to make your morning sex more streamier.

Go close after brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth and mouth provides a minty flavor along with a cooling sensation. This feeling helps you in turning on your partner in the morning.

Wake your partner up sexily

Waking your partner more sexily instead of typical alarms can add more spice into your love making. You can gently caress the genitals of your partner or use other sex moves.

Take advantage of morning testosterone

According to the experts, a man’s testosterone is always high in the morning and it is at decreased state in the night. So taking the advantage of the restored testosterone helps you in getting more stronger lovemaking.

●Use early morning light well

Making the right use of early morning light in front of your partner also helps you in turning on your partner. You can tease him by covering your curves in the blanket and then letting it to slip.

●Go wild

Wild sex led by the woman itself is one of the great treat for men and make them happy. Use this trick in the morning sex show your energy to get quality lovemaking.

Get wet under shower

Getting shower with your partner and having sex there is also a great way to elevate your lovemaking to entire different level. Rubbing the bodies of each other and following other moves not only will help in relaxing for the whole day but will also boost your bond.

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