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January 17, 2020 16:32
Experiences surrounding losing virginity differ between men and women

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Having sex for the first time is the biggest nightmare for everyone as it can be a happy ending or can turn out to be disastrous. The experience of having sex for the first time is surrounded with several myths where in the first time sexual experience is biased and categorized based on the gender the individuals belong to. The first time sex experience of women are thought to be painful and that the individuals will start have a lifelong obsession towards the person they have experienced their first sex and have lost their virginity. The society tags a women losing her virginity as a shame.

Where as, on the other hand men losing their virginity are said to be cool, macho and are said to have scored proving their masculinity in the society. Males have not been socialized in believing that losing virginity is losing a part of oneself but instead they consider that being a stepping stone in proving their strength and masculinity. They share their first time experiences with pride regardless whether he loves the partner who has been indulged with him.

There have been many studies being conducted across the world in search for the answer to the most discussed question, whether men and women feel the same after their first sex experience?

A report from Pennsylvania State University found out that the experience of having sex for the first time differ in men and women. It has been found out that men tend to feel more confident and satisfied where as women start feeling less attractive about herself. The was the report that was conducted across 434 colleges which brings to light the society treats men and women in completely opposite manner when it comes to sexual pleasures. Men are asked to have sex as it is treated as a criteria like age and are addressed being ‘a man’ only after having sex in many scenarios, and they are not pressurized in losing their virginity only on the night of their wedding. It also doesn’t matter if their partner during their first sex experience is the one they loved or no.

This brings us to the line where the women are said to be shame to the society if she loses he virginity before her marriage. She is said to be felt ashamed of herself which makes her feel less attractive about herself and is kept as a secret in most of the cases.

Losing ones virginity is being depicted as two opposite ways when it come to a man and that of a woman which creates a great impact to the younger generation. It has to be taught that having sex in general or be it having sex for the first time completely depends on the individual and one should be judged based on their sexual status. They should be taught that, having sex with a particular person is a decision made by the individual and the relationship that the two share and it is a blunder in judging them.

Rather than keeping the topic ‘sex’ as a taboo, the younger generation needs to be taught the importance of having safe sex and the pros and cons of not having a safe sex and make them understand the necessity of using a condom for any sexual encounter, even it being the first time.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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