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January 29, 2021 13:59
15 Signs You're in a True Relationship

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Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Being in love with a person who reciprocates your feeling is also a beautiful feeling. However, feeling doubtful lately? Here are 15 signs which show that you are in a happy relationship with your significant other.

1. There is no such thing as sacrifice

When you are willing to do things for your partner even though you do not like it yourself, that shows integrity. But what is the line between willing and sacrifice? Let us take an example. If your significant other likes watching sports but you do not, thinking of it as a sacrifice is not healthy. When you think of it as something that you would like to do just to spend time with them, that is the sign of a true relationship. You might think you are okay with sacrificing your needs, but on the long run it can cause many complications in a relationship.

2. Nobody is selfish

There is no mine or yours in a relationship. There is only ours. If this is the case with your relationship then it is a love that will last forever.

3. You love yourself first

As much as you think that it might be possible, it is not possible to love someone else if you don’t love yourself first. You must understand that if you hurt yourself, you are also hurting your partner and jeopardizing your relationship. The key to a healthy relationship is love yourself and love your partner.

4. You have respect for each other

Love is different from respect. When you love each other there are more soft feelings. When you respect each other, it shows that despite all the mistakes either one of you has made, you are ready to be with them, accept them for who they are are show respect for each other no matter what you do.

5. No matter how much you fight, the distance kills

It is common for people in a relationship to fight. The fight maybe big or small and for whatever reason, if you cannot go back to being in a relationship again after a fight, then maybe it is better that you or your partner take some personal space. If a few hours after you fight, you both begin to miss each other, this shows that love prevails over all and that your relationship is strong.The hardships must make both of you more patient and accept and love each other more.

6. Neither of you lose hope

Whether you and your partner are fighting with each other or not, if at a point either of you feel like the relationship is hopeless, then it might be time for you to break up. If your love is strong, there will never be a point where both of you will feel like the relationship has no spark or that either of you are hopeless. Your bond will be unbreakable

7. There is growth

If you are fighting in a relationship with your partner, even for the silliest of reasons, that is okay. It is common for couples to fight. But if you are constantly fighting and you see no growth, then maybe it is time for both of you to step back. Those who love each other truly show growth in a relationship and what doesn't kill the relationship only makes it stronger.

8. You will be content

If you are someone who worries about what other people might think about your relationship, then maybe being in a relationship is not for you. Those who truly love each other will not care about what other people might think or feel about them. Your partner’s looks, flaws, personality, mistakes and problems will all be secondary and you will love them regardless of anything.

9. You always want good things for your partner

If you truly love your partner then no matter what you will always want good things to happen for them even when you fight or quarrel. Regardless of the situation of hand, if both of you want what is best for each other at all times and are willing to help them, then congratulations because that is true love. No matter how painful it might be, you will always do the right thing for you and your partner.

10. Your relationship makes both of you complete

If both of you feel fulfilled in the relationship then it might be true love. You do not need to have sex with your partner or engage in physical activity to strengthen the relationship. You can withhold and are ready to accept each other for anything. If this in fact is true for you then you might be in a happy relationship with your partner. You constantly get the feeling that your relationship will last forever.

11. Time does not matter

Some people will tell you that the reason they are together is because they have known each other for a long time. Do not listen to them. Whether you have been there with your partner since a year or even a month it does not matter. It is not about how much time you have spent together but how much you have learned about each other and will continue to love each other and help each other for the rest of your lives. Do not let time defy your relationship.

12. Distance does not matter

When you are in love, whether the person is far away from you or near you, if it does not matter and you love your partner the same way in both situations, then congratulations because that is true love right there.

13. It is not about the money

This is pretty self explanatory. If money is an issue, let go. But if money has never been a problem between you two, then that is definitely love. However, make sure you and your partner spend money equally. Do not always depend on your partner or let them depend on you even though either of you are fine with it. This might lead to further complications in the relationship.

By Meena Atmakuri

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