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  • Microsoft tech glitch 2024, Microsoft tech glitch impact, microsoft tech glitch impacts systems in indian airports, Airport

    Microsoft tech glitch impacts systems in Indian Airports 2024-07-19 08:03:51

    A major cloud outage at Microsoft caused widespread air travel disruptions around the world, including in India. Several airlines were affected, with flights grounded and operations disrupted at the Delhi and Mumbai airports. Akasa Airlines announced that some of its...

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    Microsoft Global Outage updates, Microsoft Global Outage breaking news, microsoft global outage creates havoc across the globe, Airport

    Microsoft Global Outage creates Havoc across the Globe 2024-07-19 09:28:17

    The widespread Microsoft outage is causing major disruptions across various sectors, from air travel and stock trading to banking operations. Users are unable to access their systems as their devices crash after being turned on. Thousands of Windows users worldwide...

    Keywords: Microsoft Global Outage breaking updates, Microsoft Global Outage, Microsoft Global Outage worldwide, Microsoft Global Outage breaking news

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    Joe Biden Elections, Joe Biden new updates, joe biden tested positive for covid 19, Airport

    Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19 2024-07-18 06:25:17

    The White House has announced that President Joe Biden, who is 81 years old, has tested positive for COVID-19 during his visit to Las Vegas on Wednesday. The statement indicates that the President is experiencing mild symptoms and is self-isolating...

    Keywords: Joe Biden health, Joe Biden, Joe Biden health, Joe Biden Elections

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    Chandrababu Naidu, Bhogapuram Airport pictures, chandrababu naidu to inspect bhogapuram airport 2026 deadline for completion, Airport

    Chandrababu Naidu To Inspect Bhogapuram Airport: 2026 Deadline For Completion 2024-07-10 08:57:43

    On Tuesday Union Civil Aviation Minister Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu inspected Bhogapuram airport works in Vizianagaram. He visited the ongoing development sites and stated that the project would be completed before 2026. Bhogapuram airport will employ approximately 6,00,000 individuals once...

    Keywords: Bhogapuram Airport deadline, Bhogapuram Airport latest, Bhogapuram Airport construction, Bhogapuram Airport construction

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    Kangana Ranaut MP from BJP, Kangana Ranaut, kangana ranaut s aadhaar comment sparks political controversy, Airport

    Kangana Ranaut's Aadhaar comment sparks Political Controversy 2024-07-12 15:35:53

    Bollywood actress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Kangana Ranaut has appealed to people in her Mandi constituency to bring their Aadhaar cards to meet her. The "Queen" actress also asked those who want to meet to write down the...

    Keywords: Kangana Ranaut latest, Kangana Ranaut controversy, Kangana Ranaut, Kangana Ranaut political controversy

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    Akshay Kumar, Sarfira rating, sarfira movie review rating story cast and crew, Airport

    Sarfira Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew 2024-07-12 06:20:28

    History shows that directors who remake original screenplays almost always produce good films. 'Hatta Meetha', a remake of Priyadarshan's Malayalam film 'Bela Nakarude Nadu', and 'Kabir Singh', a remake of Sandeep Reddy Vanga's 'Arjun Reddy' are some examples. New to...

    Keywords: Akshay Kumar, Sarfira, Sarfira Movie Review and Rating, Sarfira rating

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