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  • jointly, jointly, nepal and china to announce the new height of mount everest, Ap headlines

    Nepal and China to Announce the New Height of Mount Everest 2020-08-19 10:07:38

    Nepal sent an expedition last year to measure the height of Mount Everest and China had mounted an expedition this year for the same. Both the countries together will announce the new height of the mountain. A memorandum of understanding...

    Keywords: Nepal, Mount Everest, China, jointly

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    Pope Francis latest updates, Pope Francis latest updates, pope francis urges the world to fight against mafia groups, Ap headlines

    Pope Francis urges the world to fight against mafia groups 2021-03-22 07:07:45

    Pope Francis yesterday urged the people to fight against the rime groups and termed them as mafia. He warned that these mafia groups are using the coronavirus pandemic to enrich themselves. Last year, Interpol that is based in Paris issued...

    Keywords: Pope Francis, Pope Francis latest updates, Pope Francis against mafia, Pope Francis on coronavirus vaccine

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    Amrit Singh, Amrit Singh, indian american sikh becomes first turban wearing deputy constable in harris county, Ap headlines

    Indian-American Sikh Becomes First Turban-wearing Deputy Constable in Harris County 2020-02-01 12:23:25

    An Indian- American law enforcement officer has scripted history as he became the first- ever turban- wearing Sikh to be sworn in as Deputy Constable in Harris County.Amrit Singh who is 21 years old was an Indian- American law enforcement...

    Keywords: turban-wearing, Harris county, Harris county, Amrit Singh

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    India Vs China latest, India Vs China border, india hits out at china for constructing a village, Ap headlines

    India Hits Out at China for Constructing a Village 2021-11-12 09:08:59

    India slammed China for constructing a village at the border in the Indian territory near Arunachal Pradesh. The village has been under the occupation of China from the past 60 years. The Indian government said that China carried out the...

    Keywords: India Vs China dispute, India Vs China news, India Vs China dispute, India Vs China border

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    William James Sidis, Einstein, why william james sidis is the smartest man of all time and not einstein, Ap headlines

    Why William James Sidis is the smartest man of all time and not Einstein 2021-02-01 14:09:43

    Who is James Sidis and why is he the smartest man in the world and of all time and not Albert Einstein? Here is why. William James Sidis was a young boy, born in Boston in 1898. He made headlines...

    Keywords: Einstein, Smartest man, William James Sidis, child prodigy

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    SGPL, SGPL, nri businessman files complaint against shilpa shetty and raj kundra, Ap headlines

    NRI businessman files complaint against Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra 2020-03-07 08:57:00

    While Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra have been in the headlines because of their new born baby via surrogacy recently, the couple are now not in the limelight for the right reasons. In recent reports, an NRI businessman filed complaint...

    Keywords: Nri businessman, Satyug Gold Pvt. Ltd, Nri businessman, raj kundra

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