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  • Coronavirus, Omicron scare in China latest, omicron spread millions of people locked down in china, Beijing

    Omicron Spread: Millions of people locked down in China 2022-01-11 08:44:13

    It all started in China last year and the coronavirus is now all over the globe. Countries like USA, India and Brazil are badly impacted because of coronavirus. Five million residents of China are restricted to their homes after the...

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    Beijing pollution latest news, Beijing pollution shut, china s beijing shuts roads and playgrounds due to heavy smog, Beijing

    China's Beijing Shuts Roads and Playgrounds due to Heavy Smog 2021-11-05 12:46:32

    China which was shattered with coronavirus is slowly recovering. The schools, colleges, playgrounds and the national highways in the capital Beijing are closed from Friday due to the heavy pollution after China ramped up the production of coal. The leaders...

    Keywords: Beijing pollution latest news, Beijing pollution news, Beijing pollution visuals, Beijing pollution latest updates

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    Donald Trump latest updates, Taliban, donald trump s sensational comments on usa and china, Beijing

    Donald Trump's Sensational Comments on USA and China 2021-10-07 10:35:41

    Donald Trump, the ex-President of the United States made some shocking statements that the USA may end up in a war with China. He warned saying that Beijing will no longer respect the USA. He said that the United States...

    Keywords: Donald Trump about China, Taliban, Donald Trump recent controversy, Donald Trump latest updates

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    Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone China sale, apple iphone 13 pro series and airpods discontinued in china, Beijing

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Series and AirPods Discontinued in China 2022-07-26 06:17:45

    Apple announced a new promotional plan in China today by offering four days discounts on iPhones and other accessories. As the new iPhone is due for launch, there are huge discounts on the products. iPhone 13 Pro is priced at...

    Keywords: Apple iPhone China sale, Apple iPhone China prices, Apple iPhone China prices, Apple iPhone China sale

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    Sri Lanka news, Sri Lanka latest updates, sri lanka heading for a bankruptcy, Beijing

    Sri Lanka heading for a Bankruptcy 2022-03-21 12:53:29

    Sri Lanka is currently in a deep economic crisis and the government failed badly to import the essential needs for the nation. The island country is heading for bankruptcy. The government of Sri Lanka declared an emergency last year after...

    Keywords: Sri Lanka breaking news, Sri Lanka news, Sri Lanka status, Sri Lanka latest

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    Coronavirus in China, China Covid-19, china witnesses the biggest outbreak of covid 19 in the recent times, Beijing

    China Witnesses the Biggest Outbreak of Covid-19 in the Recent Times 2022-11-22 14:23:57

    It all started in China and the coronavirus pandemic shattered the entire globe. Crores of people lost their lives and crores are suffering with the side effects. China recovered well but the new variants have been creating a havoc in...

    Keywords: China Covid-19, China Covid-19 breaking news, China Covid-19 updates, China pandemic

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