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  • Congressmen, fishermen, rahul gandhi swims in the arabian sea with kerala fishermen, Breakfast

    Rahul Gandhi swims in the Arabian Sea with Kerala fishermen 2021-02-26 07:31:46

    Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi visited Kerala recently and spent time interacting with the fishermen community. He was spotted swimming in the ocean with fellow fishermen and even enjoying breakfast which consisted of fish curry and bread, while eating on a...

    Keywords: Congressmen, Congressmen, fishermen, election

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    dinner, weight, what s the right time to eat for losing weight, Breakfast

    What's the right time to eat for losing weight? 2020-09-11 09:34:32

    Not just the right food, the right time always plays a major role in helping you lose weight.Planned diet, appropriate food proportions, regular workouts. Are you not losing weight despite all these? Then, it’s high time you have known your...

    Keywords: lunch, breakfast, food, food

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    DC Metro area, Silver Spring Maryland, kind initiative aastha day care facility for indian american elderly opened in maryland, Breakfast

    Kind Initiative: Aastha Day Care Facility For Indian American Elderly Opened In Maryland 2020-05-11 14:16:34

    In the DC Metro area, Silver Spring, Maryland, a medical day care facility named Aastha has opened up for the elderly people. According to a press release, around 8 percent of the four million Indian Americans are above 65 years...

    Keywords: Silver Spring Maryland, Aastha Day Care Facility, Aastha Day Care Facility, Silver Spring Maryland

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    routine, Morning, 11 common yet surprising things to not do in the morning as soon as you wake up, Breakfast

    11 Common Yet Surprising Things to Not do in the Morning As Soon As You Wake Up 2021-01-19 07:15:56

    We have seen morning routines in movies, TV shows, videos and we ourselves have our own morning routines which we follow on a daily basis. But some of the things we do in the morning which we think “refreshes” us...

    Keywords: practices, wake up, lifestyle, practices

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    ideas, love, wholesome ways to spend valentine s day this covid season, Breakfast

    Wholesome ways to spend Valentine’s Day this COVID season 2021-02-12 11:10:30

    Valentine’s day is just around the corner. However, if you had romantic plans of taking your partner out for dinner or a movie or possibly any outdoor plans, then even though the pandemic might have ruined your opportunity to have...

    Keywords: feb 14, romance, romance, partner

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    healthy, eggs, top 5 benefits of eggs that ll make you to eat them every day, Breakfast

    Top 5 benefits of eggs that'll make you to eat them every day 2020-10-09 14:00:16

    On the occasion of World Egg day, learn some of the Health benefits of eggs that make it a superfood. Eggs are one of those foods that are loaded with all the nutrients that are essential for the body. Eggs...

    Keywords: healthy, health benefits, eggs, cholesterol

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