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  • parents work life, how to manage work and home, parent s work life affects child s health study, Children health

    Parent's Work Life Affects Child's Health: Study 2019-01-07 12:09:21

    Contrary to the belief that sick children can affect working parent's life, leaving them disturbed and bothersome, there is an impact on children's health due to a parent's work life, too. The work experiences of parents affect the health and...

    Keywords: balancing work and motherhood, balancing work and motherhood, children's health, parents work life

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    Freeway shooting, Jerry Cobb, arizona to dismiss charges against phoenix freeway shooting suspect, Children health

    Arizona to dismiss charges against Phoenix freeway shooting suspect 2016-04-23 12:17:23

    The State of Arizona has moved to drop all charges against Leslie Merritt Jr, the man suspect  in the freeway shootings, that happened  in the Phoenix area last summer. The  Maricopa County Attorney's Office has filed a  motion to dismiss...

    Keywords: Freeway shooting, Jerry Cobb, Leslie Merrit Junior, Leslie Merrit Junior

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    federal Childrens Health Insurance Program, Doug Ducey, arizona joins rest of us with children s insurance plan, Children health

    Arizona joins rest of US with children's insurance plan 2016-05-07 04:51:21

    Arizona's governor Doug Ducey has signed the KidsCare bill that will restore a health insurance program for  low-income children. After taking the move, the state joined  49 other states of United States to join the program. The  federal Children's Health Insurance...

    Keywords: federal Childrens Health Insurance Program, Doug Ducey, Arizona children health bill, federal Childrens Health Insurance Program

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    Children Lungs functioning, Clean and Fresh air, clean air saves kid s lungs, Children health

    Clean Air Saves Kid's Lungs 2015-03-07 10:02:04

    It is a well known fact that clean air can show good effects on any human being, but it is learnt that the effect will be more on the children and their lungs functioning. The lung’s health is obviously dependent...

    Keywords: Clean and Fresh air, Healthy environment, Clean and Fresh air, Health Hazards

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    KidsCare program, Arizona, fight for children health insurance in arizona, Children health

    Fight for children health insurance in Arizona! 2016-04-12 11:53:07

    Backers are fighting for children health insurance in Arizona, after Senate leader denied to restore a plan that is designed provide health insurance to the poor children in the state. After the Senate leader’s refusal, Arizona became the only state...

    Keywords: KidsCare program, Arizona, Arizona, Arizona

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