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  • Coronavirus cases, coronavirus India news, india witnesses a decline in the new cases of coronavirus, China

    India Witnesses a Decline in the New Cases of Coronavirus 2021-11-02 09:50:31

    Coronavirus is now a part of everyone's life. The second wave of coronavirus shattered several lives in the country and several families are left in a deep financial stress. A total number of 10,423 new cases of coronavirus are reported...

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    Coronavirus, AY4.2, centre alerts states after new variant of coronavirus detected, China

    Centre Alerts States After New Variant of Coronavirus Detected 2021-10-27 10:21:51

    The second wave of coronavirus calmed down slowly and close to 15,9000 new cases are reported in the country on a regular basis. The health experts warned of a third wave of coronavirus early next year and it is expected...

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    China on USA, China breaking updates, china beats usa and emerges as the wealthiest nation, China

    China beats USA and Emerges as the Wealthiest Nation 2021-11-17 06:57:52

    Asian nation China has been emerging as a superpower in all the fields from the past few years. A recent report said that China overtook USA and it emerged as the wealthiest country of the globe. The country's wealth tripled...

    Keywords: China richest, China breaking news, China richest, China emerges richest

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    coronavirus deaths, Coronavirus, narendra modi chairs a meeting to review covid situation, China

    Narendra Modi Chairs a Meeting to Review Covid Situation 2021-11-27 09:05:15

    The new variant of coronavirus named Omicron spotted in South Africa is making the people of the globe sleepless. The initial reports say that the variant of coronavirus is extremely dangerous and is highly transmissible. Ten cases of the variant...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, coronavirus India updates, Coronavirus India daily tally, Coronavirus India

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    India Vs China border activities, India Vs China border issues, india hits out at china for constructing a village, China

    India Hits Out at China for Constructing a Village 2021-11-12 09:08:59

    India slammed China for constructing a village at the border in the Indian territory near Arunachal Pradesh. The village has been under the occupation of China from the past 60 years. The Indian government said that China carried out the...

    Keywords: India Vs China news, India Vs China border activities, India Vs China border dispute, India Vs China

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    Beijing pollution, China pollution level, china s beijing shuts roads and playgrounds due to heavy smog, China

    China's Beijing Shuts Roads and Playgrounds due to Heavy Smog 2021-11-05 12:46:32

    China which was shattered with coronavirus is slowly recovering. The schools, colleges, playgrounds and the national highways in the capital Beijing are closed from Friday due to the heavy pollution after China ramped up the production of coal. The leaders...

    Keywords: Beijing pollution shut, Beijing, China, Beijing pollution breaking news

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