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  • China Coronavirus news, China Coronavirus updates, china s covid 19 surge making the world sleepless, Covid 19

    China's Covid-19 Surge Making The World Sleepless 2022-12-26 05:25:05

    The new wave of coronavirus in China has left the world in shock and all the countries of the globe are alerted. The new variant of Omicron killed lakhs of people in China and the recent reports said that more...

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    Coronavirus updates, Coronavirus breaking, centre in plans for a covid 19 drill, Covid 19

    Centre in Plans for a Covid-19 Drill 2022-12-24 06:53:36

    The coronavirus scare in China is shaking the entire world. With the new deaths reaching all time high, the governments of all the countries have issued new guidelines and the restrictions are back in some of the countries. The Indian...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, Coronavirus new cases, Mansukh Madaviya, Coronavirus new cases

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    Covid-19, China Covid Row, new china coronavirus variant traced in india, Covid 19

    New China Coronavirus Variant Traced In India 2022-12-22 09:33:03

    China is battling with the fourth wave of the Covid-19 and the situation has been pathetic in the country. The hospitals are completely full and as per the analysis, more than 1 million people are expected to lose their lives...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, Coronavirus, China Covid Row reports, China Covid Row updates

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    Nasal vaccine for Covid-19 news, Coronavirus India updates, indian government approves nasal vaccine for covid 19, Covid 19

    Indian Government Approves Nasal Vaccine For Covid-19 2022-12-23 08:12:29

    The government of India today approved the use of Nasal vaccine for coronavirus and it will be used as a heterologous booster. The nasal vaccine will be added to Co-Win portal today and it would be available in all the...

    Keywords: Nasal vaccine for Covid-19 news, Nasal vaccine for Covid-19, Coronavirus India breaking news, Covid-19

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    China Covid Row cases, Coronavirus, china covid row india to review the situation, Covid 19

    China Covid Row: India to Review the Situation 2022-12-21 07:55:19

    China is back with the scare of coronavirus and the new cases have seen a huge rise all over. With the neighboring nation reporting huge number of cases, the Indian government is all set to review the situation. A total...

    Keywords: India coronavirus, China Covid Row India, China Covid Row news, China Covid Row India

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    China population decline, China population latest, china reports a decline in the population in 60 years, Covid 19

    China Reports a Decline in the Population in 60 Years 2023-01-17 08:33:19

    The Chinese population has come down for the first time in 60 years after the national birth rate touched a record low of 6.77 births per 1000 people. The population of the country in 2022 was 1.4118 billion and it...

    Keywords: China population breaking updates, China population reports, China population, China population

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