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  • WHO, WHO experts on EUL for Covaxin, who delays the eul decision on covaxin, Covishield

    WHO Delays the EUL Decision on Covaxin 2021-10-22 09:51:58

    The Emergency use Listing of Covaxin that is manufactured in India is yet to get an approval though it was predicted to be completed in October. A top official from the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the process of...

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    Fake Covishield vaccines breaking news, Fake Covishield vaccines updates, who alerts india on fake covishield vaccine doses, Covishield

    WHO Alerts India On Fake Covishield Vaccine Doses 2021-08-18 07:04:54

    The second wave of coronavirus proved that there is a huge scarcity for vaccine doses in the country considering the Indian population. Around 11 crore people of the country received both doses of coronavirus and the vaccination drive is going...

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    Coronavirus, Coronavirus cases, is the third booster shot for coronavirus required, Covishield

    Is the Third Booster Shot for Coronavirus Required? 2021-08-14 10:05:30

    The coronavirus is here to stay and the entire globe is tuned up with this. Several governments are making arrangements for the third dose of coronavirus vaccine as new variants are emerging in the market on a monthly basis. The...

    Keywords: coronavirus india breaking news, Coronavirus India total cases, Coronavirus cases, coronavirus india breaking news

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    Covishield COVAX, Covishield latest, sii to resume covishield supply to covax, Covishield

    SII To Resume Covishield Supply To COVAX 2021-11-23 09:49:23

    Serum Institute of India (SII) based in India happens to be the world's largest vaccination manufacturer. Adar Poonawalla revealed that they would resume the supply of the coronavirus vaccine Covishield under the COVAX programme. The Indian government now allowed SII...

    Keywords: Covishield breaking news, COVAX updates, Covishield COVAX, COVAX latest news

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    Reliance Life Sciences coronavirus vaccine, Reliance Life Sciences latest, mukesh ambani s coronavirus vaccine coming, Covishield

    Mukesh Ambani's Coronavirus Vaccine Coming 2021-08-27 07:33:07

    India's richest businessman Mukesh Ambani has approached the Indian Drug Regulator and sought permission for the first phase of trials for the proposed coronavirus vaccine that is developed by Reliance Life Sciences. The name of the vaccine is yet to...

    Keywords: Reliance Life Sciences coronavirus vaccine, Reliance Life Sciences, Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Life Sciences Covid vaccine

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    Forbes Richest Indians 2021 news, Forbes Richest Indians new updates, india s 100 richest collective wealth at 775 billion usd, Covishield

    India’s 100 Richest Collective Wealth at 775 Billion USD 2021-10-07 07:36:14

    The list of Forbes India's Richest for the year 2021 is announced. Indians surpassed the list despite of coronavirus shattering the nation. The 100 top richest Indians are collectively worth 775 billion USD adding 257 billion USD when compared to...

    Keywords: Forbes Richest Indians list, Forbes Richest Indians total, Forbes Richest Indians 2021 names, Forbes Richest Indians 2021 list

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