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  • Microsoft about China, China Vs India, china planning to disrupt indian elections microsoft, Delhi

    China planning to disrupt Indian Elections: Microsoft 2024-04-06 12:39:22

    Microsoft has issued a warning regarding China's plans to disrupt upcoming elections in India, the United States, and South Korea using artificial intelligence-generated content. This warning follows China's trial run during Taiwan's presidential election, where AI was utilized to influence...

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    Arvind Kejriwal's Arrest updates, India slams Germany, arvind kejriwal sent to judicial custody till april 15th, Delhi

    Arvind Kejriwal sent to Judicial Custody till April 15th 2024-04-01 14:58:54

    Arvind Kejriwal, the detained Chief Minister, has been placed in Judicial Custody until April 15th by the Rouse Avenue Court. This is in connection with a money laundering case related to the Delhi Excise Policy scam. The Enforcement Directorate (ED)...

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    Hardik Pandya business, Hardik Pandya breaking, hardik pandya gets cheated for rs 4 3 cr by his step brother, Delhi

    Hardik Pandya gets cheated for Rs 4.3 Cr by his Step Brother 2024-04-11 14:36:51

    Vaibhav Pandya, the step brother of Indian cricketers Hardik and Krunal Pandya, has been apprehended by the Mumbai Police for allegedly defrauding them of approximately Rs 4.3 crore. Reports indicate that Vaibhav redirected the funds from their joint business, resulting...

    Keywords: Hardik Pandya latest, Hardik Pandya duped, Hardik Pandya wealth, Hardik Pandya step brother

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    AAP MP, Sanjay Singh news, aap mp sanjay singh gets bail after 6 months, Delhi

    AAP MP Sanjay Singh Gets Bail After 6 Months 2024-04-03 08:36:38

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted bail to Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh and questioned the Enforcement Directorate who arrested Mr Singh, including why he was held without trial or compensation for alleged bribery for more than six months...

    Keywords: Sanjay Singh, Sanjay Singh latest breaking, Sanjay Singh controversy, Sanjay Singh jail

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    Kalvakuntla Kavitha ED, Kalvakuntla Kavitha latest, cbi claims kavitha as key player in delhi liquor scam, Delhi

    CBI claims Kavitha as key player in Delhi Liquor Scam 2024-04-12 13:41:47

    The CBI made a request to the Delhi court on Friday, seeking custody of K Kavitha, a leader of BRS, in relation to the Delhi liquor policy case. According to the agency, their investigation revealed that Kavitha played a role...

    Keywords: Enforcement Directorate, Kalvakuntla Kavitha ED, Kalvakuntla Kavitha arrest, CBI

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    Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Court, Arvind Kejriwal role, arvind kejriwal approaches supreme court in liquor scam case, Delhi

    Arvind Kejriwal approaches Supreme Court in Liquor Scam Case 2024-04-10 13:56:58

    One day after the Delhi High Court rejected his plea contesting his detention in the liquor policy case, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal approached the Supreme Court today. The representative of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader brought up the matter...

    Keywords: Arvind Kejriwal latest breaking, Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Court, Arvind Kejriwal bail, Arvind Kejriwal

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