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  • World Nature Conservation Day benefits, World Nature Conservation Day 2021, world nature conservation day how to conserve nature, Eggs

    World Nature Conservation Day: How to Conserve Nature? 2021-07-28 07:53:44

    July 28th is celebrated as the World Nature Conservation Day every year and it is a reminder for mankind to preserve the natural resources and nature. It is our responsibility to save the natural resources for the future generations and...

    Keywords: World Nature Conservation Day latest updates, World Nature Conservation Day updates, World Nature Conservation Day 2021, World Nature Conservation Day breaking news

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    Kashish Aggarwal murder case, Kashish Aggarwal and Geetika Goyal, indian origin man gets life sentence in the united kingdom, Eggs

    Indian-Origin Man Gets Life Sentence in the United Kingdom 2021-10-19 07:52:07

    A 28-year-old man who is from India stabbed his wife multiple times and left her body on the pavement. He has been sentenced life imprisonment by a UK Court on Monday after he pleaded guilty to the murder. The man...

    Keywords: UK man, life sentence for Indian in UK, UK man, Geetika Goyal

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    eggs, flu, egg and chicken prices drop due to bird flu outbreak, Eggs

    Egg And Chicken Prices Drop Due To Bird Flu Outbreak 2021-01-08 13:41:15

    The bird Flu aka the Avian influenza has been reported in multiple states including Rajasthan, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Multiple birds and flock of birds were reportedly found dead near banks and in preserves. The flu began in...

    Keywords: poultry, economy, flu, eggs

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    Coronavirus India news, Coronavirus in children, how to protect your children from covid 19, Eggs

    How to protect your children from Covid-19 2021-06-30 06:55:29

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic left scares across the globe. It is clear that the Covid-19 is here to stay. After we are done with the second wave of coronavirus, the experts warned of a possible third wave of coronavirus from...

    Keywords: Coronavirus India news, India, Third wave of coronavirus impact, Third wave of coronavirus latest updates

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    lifestyle, lifestyle, 21 ways to stay healthy in 2021, Eggs

    21 Ways To Stay Healthy In 2021 2021-01-02 10:29:58

    It is a new year. Start off this new year by changing your lifestyle and switching to a better life. Say no to the unhealthy and wanted and be happy this year, despite the fact that we are in a...

    Keywords: healthy living, lifestyle, healthy living, healthy living

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    baking, recipe, rainbow cake easy recipe make at home, Eggs

    Rainbow Cake Easy Recipe - make at home 2021-02-08 13:28:17

    Want to bake a cake but make it interesting this time? Then try baking the rainbow cake and surprise your guests. You will be shocked yet thrilled on how easy it is to make this recipe at home with just...

    Keywords: baking, rainbow cake, simple, recipe

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