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  • facial recognition to catch criminals, san francisco, san francisco may ban use of face recognition by police, Facial recognition

    San Francisco May Ban Use of Face Recognition by Police 2019-05-14 18:45:14

    San Francisco is making plans to ban the use of facial recognition by police and other city agencies, reflecting a growing backlash against a technology that is creeping into motor vehicle departments, airports, stadiums, stores, and home security cameras. If...

    Keywords: california facial recognition, facial recognition to catch criminals, san francisco, face recognition technology in san francisco

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    Mitra, patients, mitra the robot helps patients to speak to their loved ones, Facial recognition

    Mitra, the robot helps patients to speak to their loved ones 2020-09-17 15:25:49

    Mitra, which has stolen the show in the Global Entrepreneurs Summit held in Hyderabad last year is now helping COVID-19 patients. Mitra is a robot that was developed by a Bangalore-based startup, Invento Robotics. The robot was developed with an...

    Keywords: COVID-19, families, COVID-19, Mitra

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    CA Event, Arizona Events, has le south asian comedy, Facial recognition

    'HAS.LE' - South Asian Comedy 2020-09-03 06:58:15

    'HAS.LE' - South Asian Comedy This show will be presented using the "ZOOM" LIVE video platform. Ticketholders will be sent an e-mail 60 minutes before showtime with instructions (Event Link and Password) on how to log in to watch the...

    Keywords: California Current Events, California Upcoming Events, Arizona Events, California Upcoming Events

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    Facebook breaking updates, Facebook face scan, facebook to delete a billion face scans, Facial recognition

    Facebook To Delete A Billion Face Scans 2021-11-03 10:35:12

    Facebook got its name updated to Meta and the social media giant announced that it will no longer use facial-recognition software which was planned to identify the faces of the users through images and video clips. Facebook acquired the identities...

    Keywords: Facebook, Facebook latest updates, Facebook breaking news, Facebook face scan latest news

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    New York Streets, google scanning faces of people on New York streets, google is allegedly stopping people on new york streets and paying them 5 for their face data, Facial recognition

    Google Is Allegedly Stopping People on New York Streets and Paying Them $5 for Their Face Data 2019-07-23 23:42:18

    Did anyone ever think you would get paid one day by selling their face data? As per ZDNet, Google is giving away gift cards worth $5 to people who are willing to give them their face data. Apparently, Google is...

    Keywords: New York Streets, google face data, New York Streets, New York Streets

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    Facial Recognition date, Facial Recognition India, six indian airports to use facial recognition soon, Facial recognition

    Six Indian Airports to Use Facial Recognition Soon 2021-08-06 07:29:25

    Six Indian airports will soon start using facial recognition technology and this will facilitate a biometric boarding system and will cut down the time of the passengers. VK Singh, the Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation informed the same...

    Keywords: Facial Recognition updates, Facial Recognition breaking updates, Kolkata, Facial Recognition breaking updates

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